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Here’s the flow of the process:
1. Please describe your questions or concerns in the form below, and submit it
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5. I’ll conduct a Healing Reading and send you the result (PDF) via email.

The delivery date will be within three to six days of receipt of your payment; however, it may take more than that if there’s a waiting queue.

✻ If you’d like to check the sample image and the approximate word count of the reading result, visit the Healing Reading Sample page.

Payment method:
You need to pay via PayPal (if you haven’t had the PayPal account, click here to sign up for free. You can link your debit or credit card to your PayPal account and use it to make the payment).

Needed information:
Please provide your home address and a photograph in which your eyes can be seen clearly.

想像力で書く/Creative Writing 大天使ガブリエルより 〜大天使オラクルカード
Ask Archangel Gabriel for help in writing your request✨

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