July 2022

(This client gave me this testimonial after it used Indigo Healing Reading twice.)

Dear Nalikolehua,

I can recommend your support (Healing Readings) from the bottom of my heart.

The readings themselves really turned out to be beautiful and made me feel stronger. They have helped me on many levels. It only required me to trust and be calmly open to what they brought. I see the effects in my life: greater peace, strength, freedom, and a will to live. They reminded me of my power.

I appreciate what you do and your approach. You are reliable, committed, and show your heart and understanding. I also value your open-heartedness, intelligence and genuine true gift because for me, those are important. I wrote so much in not perfect English, and you understood exactly what my questions were and what I meant.

These readings are the materials that you can read many, many times. They are deep.

(Anonymous, Poland)