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Being spiritual is nothing special. We are all spiritual beings. It’s about believing in yourself, accepting your true values, and listening to your heart.

Spirituality is intangible, and uncertainty attached to it may cause anxiety. But, as you may know, in the Little Prince, the fox told the little prince that “what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

“L’essentiel est invisible pour les yeux.”
~ Le Petit Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

We are almost drowning in too much information every day and overwhelmed with so many communication tools; during this current era, it is your best friends, family, and your sensitivity and intuition that you want to trust.

Having a deep understanding of yourself is key to heal and fill yourself. Do you know what fills you? In what are you finding fulfillment every day?

Through Healing Readings, you’ll know about your true self, and which will make your life easier and enjoyable; let me and Angels help you to bring back your true self with divine power!

Freedom from Indigo Angel Oracle Cards


Healing Reading is a distance, email reading. I deliver clear answers to your questions and spiritual yet practical guidance that you can immediately apply to real life.

With one of your Guardian Angels, I conduct a reading and receive your message from Angels. If you’re curious about the way I do a Healing Reading, I’ve written about it in detail here: Behind the scenes at Healing Readings.


Along with your spiritual messages, you’ll find all the images of your cards which emit great vibrations. Also, you’ll receive Reiki healing energy enclosed in the reading file.

Compassion from Archangel Zadkiel of Archangel Oracle Cards

My clients often say that they repeatedly read their results and obtain new findings whenever they do so.

If you’d like to see a sample image and know approximate word counts of my readings, check my sample file.


Writing down your feelings helps you to heal your emotions. Please share how you feel after reading your reading result. I’ll sincerely answer all of your questions and clear your doubts if any. I’ll help you to understand and take in the message from your Angels completely; please don’t hesitate to ask anything.


I offer five reading options: Indigo is for answering your question, Crystal is an overall 6-card reading, Rainbow is a thorough card reading, Elestial is about knowing your guardian angels, and Atlantis is the reading for deepening your spiritual life. If any of them doesn’t seem to be the right one for you, feel free to contact me; I’ll get back to you with possible options or customize it for you.

Please carefully read the details of each option below (the descriptions of the reading options are followed by fee table) and choose the right option for you.

~ Answering your question~

I will not only answer your questions clearly but also guide you on how you can solve your concerns yourself in the future.

Ask for Your Needs to Be Met from Angels of Abundance Oracle Cards
Angels will come to your aid as soon as you ask them.
  • “I want to change something in me – but don’t know how and what to change.”
    “I just don’t know what I want in my life as there are many issues.”
    Let us (me and Angels) help you to clear your clouded mind and have a concrete vision for now and future! There’ll be a way to move on, and you’ll know what you can do.
  • Are you worrying about your relationship?
    “I’m looking for a lifelong partner, not just a boyfriend/girlfriend.”
    “I’m not confident to stay with my current partner in the future, and we don’t have a common goal.”
    Time doesn’t heal certain things; you have to take action. Why don’t you ask Heaven for its wisdom? You’ll gain confidence and stop envying others.
  • Would you like to hear from your beloved ones? Angels are the messengers of God; they will deliver their words to you. Let me help to receive them.

For Indigo, I choose any format (spread) to answer your question; according to the messages from your Angel, I decide the deck(s) to use and how many cards to pick.

⭐️You may ask as many questions as you need to in an Indigo reading—as long as they have the same theme. For example, if your questions are only about a relationship, you may ask as many questions as you can. But if your questions are about a relationship and your life purpose, since they are two different themes, you’ll need two readings. Please feel free to contact me, if you have any questions about this option.

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~An overall 6-card reading, including a life-purpose, mental and physical health, and relationship reading~

Crystal is for people who need guidance or help but can’t explain for what—feeling a need for advice is a sign that the Universe or your Angels have a message for you.

It Is Safe for You to Receive from Angels of Abundance Oracle Cards
Don’t be afraid to receive; Once you’ve filled your heart, you may share what you can offer with others.

Without having to explain what’s happened or going on in your life, your Guardian Angels know everything about you. I’d like to encourage you to get their counselling. They’ll bring clarity on your path, and you’ll get a boost and motivated!

For Crystal, I do a single card reading of life-purpose, health, and romance. And, you get an overall reading from a single card deck (reader’s choice) using a three-card spread: the past, present, and future; there will be 6 cards in total.

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~ A thorough angel card reading, including a life-purpose, mental and physical health, and relationship reading ~

It happens that we seemingly know ourselves but actually don’t.

Unlimited Ideas from Angels of Abundance Oracle Cards
Are you aware that you have access to the unlimited source?

“I’m just exhausted. Because of work, relationship, and more. It feels everything is in a mess right now.”
“I want to know about my true self. What am I supposed to do? ”

Things were much simpler when we were small. As we grow, things get unnecessarily complicated, and we start suffering from catching up to what’s going on. Let me and Angels help you to disentangle one from the other; the day you feel better will come soon.

With Rainbow, the discomforts and pains of life you’re feeling right now could be lifted up; life is tough but can bring in joy too; let me help you experience it.

For Rainbow, you get an overall reading with multiple decks (reader’s choice), followed by a life-purpose, mental and physical health, and romance or relationship reading; there will be 12 to 15 cards in total (feel free to tell me the theme you want me to more focus on than others).

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~ Knowing about your Guardian Angels ~

“If Guardian Angels are with me, I’d like to know about them.”
“I think I have a conversation with my Angels, but I’m not sure about it.”
“I want to become friends with my Angels!”

If you can relate to these, this option is for you. I’ll provide you with their names and types, and the areas where they can help you the best. All of us have at least two Guardian Angels.

Deservingness from Angels of Abundance Oracle Cards
No conditions to be met to receive support from Heaven. You deserve it as who you are.

Talking to Angels is somewhat similar to talking to staffed animals who were your best friends when you were little. Once you’re used to talking to Angels, you will stop feeling nervous but gain confidence, and things will become simple.

Once you know about their names and characteristics, establishing a close relationship would be easier – just like when we meet new people.

For Elestial, you’ll receive messages from your Angels along with their information. I receive information through my Clairs: claircognizance, clairsentience, and clairaudience.

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~ The reading for your spiritual growth and deepening your spiritual journey ~

“I don’t have any particular concern for now; I ask Angels for help when needed. But, I’d like to have spiritual guidance that helps me to grow spiritually.”

If you are keen to learn and grow spiritually and looking for guidance, Atlantis will be one for you.

Magenta dragon from Dragon Oracle Cards
Magenta dragon awakens your soul memories and wisdom.

I use the Dragon oracle cards by Diana Cooper for this reading for various, good reasons.

Dragons can illuminate your ascension path very clearly; they are working with Angels and Unicorns for us to restore our Divine power and guide us on how we can contribute to the Mother Earth and people.

Interestingly, the timeline of the message from Dragons for the past, present, and future is not linear and beyond time and space which is forth-dimensional; some information for the past can be applied for the future and vice versa.

With this reading, you’ll know what is worth your time and energy and the reason for it.

For Atlantis, I use a three-card spread: the past, present, and future; there will be 3 cards in total. And I provide you with the spiritual message from one of your Guardian Angel along with the reading result.

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(I spend about 5, 6, and 8 hours for Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow, respectively, for carefully preparing a reading result. Visit my sample page to see approximate word counts of my readings.)

 | Regular Fees |
Indigo: $44.4 USD
Crystal: $66.6 USD
Rainbow: $88.8 USD

Elestial: $55.5 USD

Atlantis: $77.7 USD

| Referral Campaign |
If you introduce Healing Readings to your friend, both you and your friend will get the same discount given to repeat customers (mentioned below).

| Discounted Fees for Repeaters |
(Your last reading should be within 4 months)
Indigo: $37.7 USD
Crystal: $.57.7 USD
Rainbow: $77.7 USD

| Discounted Fees for Atlantis repeaters only |
Atlantis: $67.7 USD

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