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Thank you for visiting my website! Healing Reading is an email reading, but I would rather like to introduce it as counseling with Angels. I’m here to provide you with the actionable next steps that enable you to look up and move on✨

Compassion from Archangel Zadkiel of the Archangels Oracle CardsHOW I DO A READING
With one of your Guardian Angels, I conduct a reading out of love. If you’re curious about it, I’ve written about it in detail here: Behind the scenes at Healing Readings.

Along with your spiritual messages from the Angels, you’ll find all the images of your cards which emits great vibrations✨. My clients tell me that my reading details Angels’ messages with great care and they repeatedly read it and obtain new findings each time.

Freedom of the Indigo Angel Oracle CardsWith a reading result, I also deliver Reiki healing energy for you. My reading doesn’t provide you with any scary divination. The future is what you’re going to create on the basis of the present moment; please don’t worry about it. If you’d like to see the sample image and know approximate word counts of my reading, check it HERE.

To deepen your understanding of the reading, please write to me about how you felt and what you thought while reading your reading result. You would also likely go through a self-healing process by verbalizing your emotions and feelings. For this reason, I’d highly recommend you to write to me.

These are the basics of my service.

I offer three card-reading options: Indigo is for answering your question, Crystal is an overall 6-card reading, and Rainbow is a thorough card reading, and an angel (psychic) reading option: Elestial is about knowing your guardian angels. If any of them doesn’t seem to be the right one for you, feel free to contact me; I’ll get back to you with possible options or customize it for you.

Please read the details of each option below (the descriptions of the reading options are followed by fee table) before sending your request.

~ Answering your question~

Self-Forgiveness of the Magical Mermaids & Dolphins Oracle Cards

I will not only answer your questions but also guide you on how you can solve your concerns yourself in the future.

  • – Don’t know how to love me.
    – I just can’t get over my past.
    – Can’t shake off a sense of
    Yet, there’s always something that you can do about it. Let me get your messages from the Angels.  
  • Feeling like something is missing in your heart?
    Don’t know what to do, although you want to change something in you? Can’t figure out what you want?
    —It could be a sign that you need to know your life’s purpose: the thing your soul seeks.
  • Are you looking for the partner of your Spiritual Journey? Are you really aware what your heart expects in your relationship? Or, are you looking at your reflection in your partner and getting disturbed?—To be yourself in a relationship, let me get your advice from the Angels.
  • Are you feeling dull and tired? Do you want to lose weight? Or, is your diet never successful?—Your body and mind are one. Your heart may first need to be healed. Get advice from the Angels.
  • You may want messages from your beloved onesWhat would they have said about my decisions if they were here…? Let me help you to receive their words.

For Indigo, I choose any format (spread) to answer your question; according to the messages from your Angel, I decide the deck(s) to use and how many cards to pick.

⭐️You may ask as many questions as you need to in an Indigo reading—as long as they have the same theme. e.g. Your questions are only about a relationship, you may ask as many questions as you can. But, if you have questions about a relationship “and” your life purpose, which are two different themes, we’ll need to do two readings. Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions about the Indigo option.

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~An overall 6-card reading, including a life-purpose, health, and romance reading~

Empowerment of the Magical Mermaids & Dolphins Oracle CardsCrystal is for people who need guidance or help but can’t explain for what—feeling a need for advice is a sign that the Universe or your Angels have a message for you.

As you’re here, I’d like to encourage you to get counseling from your Angels; you’ll receive what you need to know to move on.

For Crystal, I do a single card reading of life-purpose, health, and romance. And, you get an overall reading from a single card deck (reader’s choice) using a three-card spread: the past, present, and future; there will be 6 cards in total.

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~ A thorough angel card reading, including a life-purpose, health, and romance reading ~

Let’s get information about your situation, such as your current challenges, priorities, and future prospects in detail.

Make a Wish of the Magical Mermaids & Dolphins Oracle CardsRainbow gives you a variety of perspectives on your life purposes, love, and health through which you can assess your situation thoroughly and try to gain as much clarity as possible.

– Don’t know where to begin as I have many concerns.
– Feel something doesn’t quite sit right with me.
– What am I supposed to do? Who am I?

In such cases, looking at your current situation objectively would help you to see what is going on. Use Rainbow to know how you can enjoy your Spiritual Journey!

For Rainbow, you get an overall reading with multiple decks (reader’s choice), followed by a life-purpose, health, and romance reading; there will be 12 to 15 cards in total (feel free to let me know which theme you want me to more focus on than others).

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~ Knowing about your Guardian Angels ~

– I want to but am unable to communicate with my Guardian Angels.
– I feel Angels around me but am unable to know much about them.
– I’d like to receive more support from Angels!

Healing Heart of the Magical Mermaids & Dolphins Oracle Cards

If you can relate to these and would like to get along with your Angels, this option is for you.

Knowing that you have your Guardian Angels side by side all the time and getting along with them empower you.

I’ll provide you with their names and types, and the areas where they can help you the best. Once you know about them, establishing a close relationship with them will be easier. Just like we do when we meet new people.

For Elestial, I receive information through my Clairs: claircognizance, clairsentience, and clairaudience.

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(It takes more than 5, 6, and 8 hours for Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow, respectively, excluding email responses.)

♥Regular Fees
Indigo: $44.4 USD
Crystal: $66.6 USD
Rainbow: $88.8 USD

Elestial: $55.5 USD

♥Referral Campaign
If you introduce Healing Readings to your friend, both you and your friend will get the same discount given to repeat customers (mentioned below).

♥Discounted Fees for Repeaters
(Your last reading should have been within 4 months)
Indigo: $37.7 USD
Crystal: $.57.7 USD
Rainbow: $77.7 USD

Angel Therapy from Archangel Raphael of Archangels Oracle Cards
“Give your cares and worries to us angels, and allow us to take care of your burdens.”

Would you like to try a Healing Reading?
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