A tool that leads you in the direction you need to head: Oracle cards


Having conversations with my angels and spiritual guides and receiving messages through oracle cards, my life has become much easier as they help me go with the flow (and ‘going with the flow’ has become my motto). Oracle cards are meant to be handy tools for anyone who seeks meaning of life, and I thought that I should provide opportunities to use oracle cards for as many people as possible; that’s how Healing Readings with Nalikolehua started. (In spite of that, a friend of mine pointed out that I haven’t talked much about how to use oracle cards in my blog page…) So, today I’d like to write about when to use oracle cards.

In my case, when my intuition becomes hazy, I can’t make a decision then use oracle cards to ask for clarity of my situation and also what I need to know at the moment and then receive messages (Incidentally, I do meditation as well to sharpen my intuition). I also use oracle cards to get daily guidance so that I can spend my day focusing on taking action based on the guidance, keeping my life purpose in mind; at the end of the day I confirm that I’m closer to my goals than I was yesterday.

Your guardian angels know you best (since before you were born), so they can give particularly personal advice; they’re able to consider your situations, concerns, and desires, which whether or not you’re conscious of. Sometimes we’re not aware of real reasons of worries and root causes of anger and misinterpret situations. But, the angels know the real reasons and root causes so after the readings you get to know about, and how to deal with, them too.

To lead your soul in the direction you need to head, oracle cards provide you with immediate next steps; they don’t tell you when you’ll get the most support from planets like astrology does but deliver the best information for you at the moment.

Oracle cards are an ancient, time-honored way to connect with angels and archangels. They‘re based upon Pythagorean numerology, which starts that all numbers and images vibrate in a mathematically precise manner ~Life Purpose Oracle CardsEvery day we make countless decisions: what to think, say, eat, and do. By repeating such decisions, we’re setting a route towards our own goals. When we can’t make a decision (set a route), we feel lost and then want advice. It is said that there’s no shortcut to success. But, there is a moral route if you’re willing to go through experiences that bring spiritual growth on the path to your goals.

Oracle cards play the role of turn signals when you are following the moral route. But, the moral route changes from moment to moment according to your thoughts and actions. It’s not that you just get on a bus or a train, taking you to a fixed destination; you need to be the driver of your car (your body), which needs to be well-maintained and headed towards your destination. Obviously, there will be multiple routes for reaching your destination: long winding roads, zigzag bumps, twisted slopes, and possibly dead-end roads. It’s up to you which route to choose. Support from your angels is not stronger than your will power; first, you have to choose to take the moral route, and then the navigation system (oracle cards) puts you on it.

So imagine that you were hiking in mountains and lost a compass. After going through negative thoughts, you felt devastated. But, looking for a silver lining, you looked up the sky, and a directional arrow painted on a tree came into sight. Again, you started lightly treading the earth, forgetting how tired you had been—similarly, after you’ve received direction from oracle cards, you would step out into a new phase of life lightly, knowing where to go.

There are a variety of oracle card decks, and some of them are created for specific subjects; for example, it’s a good idea to use Life Purpose oracle cards to search for a career that is meaningful to your authentic self and use Romance Angels oracle cards to know how to deal with your feelings when a romantic relationship or friendship bothers you—because they were designed for such usage. But, this doesn’t mean that you must always use Life Purpose oracle cards to figure out your career path or Romance Angels oracle cards to ask for opinions on relationships. Some decks just go well with particular topics or receivers.

Archangel Michael is a powerful non-denominational angel who provides protection and clear answers to your questions ~Archangel Michael Oracle CardsHere’s an example of the latter case: on the day before I did a reading for a friend, I bought an Archangel Michael oracle cards deck. I then heard the voice of Archangel Michael saying, “Use my deck,” while I was choosing the first deck for her reading; his voice was so persuasive that I followed his instruction.

“Oh, again it’s Archangel Michael…,” she said when I gave the reading result to her and told her about my experience. “What do you mean by ‘again’?” I asked. She revealed that Archangel Michael was her favorite angel and told me about her private experiences. I was then convinced that he was meant to be the angel that delivered answers to her questions. I had felt that there may be a special reason because I had also pulled a card of Archangel Michael from the second deck, the Archangel oracle cards deck. Yet, the reason was way beyond my expectation, and I was impressed.

Behind oracle card readings, your angels, archangels, and spiritual guides, all collaborate in not only delivering their advice but also making their voices heard.

I hope you now understand that oracle card readings are helpful and produce 100% custom(!) guidance with careful consideration. Besides, you’re encouraged to be yourself boldly after the readings.

Does it sound great? —If you’d like to get custom guidance, click HERE to check the Healing Reading options. My service is a distance oracle card reading, so regardless of where you live, you can avail of the service.

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