How to be more satisfied with your life? ~Life-purpose Reading

Aloha! Have you ever heard that our souls have a life purpose that was decided before we were born? It is also called a life mission and soul lessons. In other words, it’s our assignment in this lifetime.

Infinite Abundance ~Life Purpose Oracle Cards
You’re fully supported as you devote yourself to your Divine life purpose.

It is said that only when you could work upon your assignment, which means that you’ve got on your soul’s chosen path, you would find joy, contentment, and satisfaction in your life; hardly struggle to get motivated; be passionate; and feel happier and healthier because you can connect with others and subconsciously know that you’re moving in the right direction and so feel secure deep in your heart.

In contrast, even if you work hard and spend a lot of time on something you think you must do, you might never feel satisfied. When you haven’t yet found your mission, there’s a void in your heart that increases in size as time goes by—unless you do what you’re meant to do. Alcohol, sweet, and caffeine addiction could be eventually caused by the void (if you suffer from any addiction, spare some time to listen to your inner voice now). Similarly, the feeling of having to do something may lead you to having trouble sleeping and you may become a workaholic as well.

If all of this is true, it would be crucial to know your life purpose, isn’t it?

Career Change ~Life Purpose Oracle CardsHave you ever thought about the reason why human beings were created in the first place? Why couldn’t we just remain as a soul? I used to think that –  if we could communicate through Telepathy, there would be no conflict or confusion caused in the process of converting thoughts into words. Maintaining our bodies with food and sleep would not be necessary. And, no one would damage the beautiful Mother Earth.

I’ve heard that the soul cannot possess emotions because the seat of emotions is the flesh. You can have a belly laugh, a lump in your throat, and make someone’s blood boil— thanks to your or someone’s body (and you also must know this by the experiences of becoming refreshed by performing physical actions).

On the basis of this perspective, it seems like we were given entry passes of the Earth by Heaven for feeling emotions.

Additionally, no matter how badly we’re failing to maintain the Earth—treating the oceans like trash bins and innocent animals as if they were emotionless robots—I daresay humankind has been somehow kept alive on purpose.

If I use football as a metaphor for the situation of the people on Earth, the people are meant to be playing like the eleven players do on the field. Knowing their roles, some players completely dedicate themselves to a team play, and others may have individual brilliance yet know that no one can play alone—all the players cooperate, aim for goals, and don’t forget to have fun.

Light and Love ~Life Purpose Oracle CardsThough each person’s life purpose is different, everybody’s purpose has the same underlying element of love; our common goal is to bring love and harmony to the planet.

Considering that it is a miracle that humankind has been still surviving, I think this could be true. What do you think?

Do you think you’re living your life purpose right now, and are you satisfied with your life? If not, I’d like to encourage you to consider choosing a life-purpose reading. Archangel Michael knows everyone’s life purpose, so you can also ask him for guidance during meditation.

Artist / Counselling / Environmentalist / Author ~ Life Purpose Oracle CardsAction cards
In the Life Purpose oracle cards,  there are action cards through which you can fulfill your life purposes, such as Writing, Speaker, Counseling, and Teaching. More precisely, cards like Environmentalist, Author, and Healer indicate suitable professions that are directly related to your Divine purpose.

If Travel, Music, Books, Crystal, Yoga, Animals, and Flowers are related to your soul’s mission, they will come your way.

Divine light and love
The mission isn’t necessarily related to the society. It might be bringing Light and Love to the world, and Family and Children too.

You know actually what to do
It sometimes happens that you’re actually aware of your Divine purpose but unconsciously believe that you don’t deserve it. Cards such as Options and Freedom remind you that many options are now open to you.

When cards such as Heart’s Desires and Time to Decide pop up, it means that you have the answers within you. Listen to the inner whisper—that’s the message from your Angels.

Time to Decide ~Life Purpose Oracle CardsIf you are doubting your feelings and ideas, the card You’re on the Right Path ensures that you can continue with your present plan.

These are just a few examples of the 44 Life Purpose Oracle Cards. Let me also introduce a few more cards from other decks that help you follow your Divine guidance.

Career Transition from Archangel Chamuel of the Archangel Oracle Cards
Archangel Chamuel is your best career counselor. Through this card, he tells you that now it’s time to change your career for following your desired path.

This is Your Life's Purpose from Archangel Michael oracle cardsThis is Your Life Purpose from Archangel Michael of Archangel Michael Oracle Cards
This card also assures that you’re on the right track. It says that the career you’re dreaming about is your life’s purpose.

Divine Purpose of the Indigo Angel Oracle Cards
When you receive this card, the answer to your question has to do with life fulfillment. The Angels want you to know how powerful and essential your role is in the world.

That’s all!

What are your soul lessons? If you’d like to know your assignments in this lifetime, let me help you to figure it out with your Angels. Click HERE to send me a request. I look forward to hearing from you.

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