Are you following your heart?

You Already Know ~Indigo Angel Oracle CardsAloha! Today, I’d like to encourage each one of you who is reading this blog post to follow your heart because that is essential for living a meaningful life. Your feelings are something that only you can take care of and should never ignore. There’s no meaning to compare with others too.

Unprocessed feelings take up residence inside you and your ego is fed by them—until you have processed them. Before the voice of your ego becomes much louder than that of your heart, you better listen to and act upon your feelings.

So, I’ve written about a couple of angel cards that are important reminders from Angels that you should trust your gut feelings; pay attention to your feelings closely while reading the messages here and respect what you hear—in fact, listening to your inner voice is the key to follow your heart.

Follow Your Heart ~Ascended Master Oracle Cards
Call upon St. Francis for help in situations where your family or friends don’t understand your choices.

1. “You Already Know” (from Indigo Angel Oracle Cards)

When you need clarity, you may tend to look for answers outside. But, the truth is that, most of the time, the answers are in your heart.
Unconsciously or consciously, you may be denying the fact that you already know what to do to move forward. Now, it’s time to stop neglecting your inner ability!

2. “Follow Your Heart” (from St. Francis of the Ascended Master Oracle Cards)

You can trust your heart’s true desires, even if you can’t think of any reason to do so.
When you take action on your intuition, you will hardly regret it and be content with what you’ve done. You’re being called upon to walk in faith and be true to yourself.

Honor and Trust Your Feelings ~Archangel Michael Oracle Cards
Prayer: Thank you, Archangel Michael, for supporting, guiding, and protecting me as I listen to and act upon my feelings. Help me understand and express my emotions with love.

3. “Honor and Trust Your Feelings” (from Archangel Michael)

Some of your feelings may be uncomfortable to face, yet they’re with you for an important reason.
Ask yourself bravely what you want to do and how you’re feeling with it; your feelings will speak loudly and clearly if you keep an open mind. Trust what you hear.

4. “Heart’s Desires” (from Life Purpose Oracle Cards)

This card says that spend some time alone in quiet contemplation and consider your heart’s desires. Don’t let your ego convince you that you should do what you’re supposed to—as if you don’t have a choice.
Many options are open to you now. It is only you who can decide what you want. Ultimately, your feelings are yours, and if you don’t take care of it, no one else will do. Stop feeding your ego, and nurture yourself.

Heart's Desires ~ Life Purpose Oracle CardsI hope you’ve been motivated to take action now.

Since the Universe will help with your relationships as you make life changes, don’t be afraid.

If you’d like to get personal reminders from Angels, let me ask your Guardian Angel; please check the Healing Reading Options here. I’ll look forward to hearing from you!

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Mahalo (Thank you)!

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