Do you have the key to being yourself? ~ Answers from Angel cards

Aloha! Today, let me ask you if you have the key to unlocking yourself. The key that helps you to be who you are.

You may say that you have the key to “locking” yourself. But, the same key may not unlock you. In this blog post, I’m going to talk about how I found my key, which works just like normal keys. It opens and closes the door of my heart.

I hadn’t thought about the key until one day when I picked up the card.

After I got my first oracle card deck, the Ascended Masters Oracle Cards, for quite some time, I was addicted to playing with the cards and would ask any question I could think of.

One day, I thought of asking why I experienced a divorce. It is said that everything happens for a reason, and there’s no such thing as coincidence. Back then, it had been more than five years since my divorce, and I was simply curious to know the response from the Ascended Masters.

“What was I supposed to learn from my divorce? Why did I go through it?”, I asked in mind and pulled a card.

Freedom from Hina ~ Ascended Masters Oracle Cards
“Walk away from restrictions and be free! You have the power and the right to change your life so that you experience more freedom.” from the Ascended Masters Oracle Cards

It was the Freedom card from the Hawaiian Goddess, Hina. What had I to learn from my divorce: FREEDOM? It sounds too obvious as a reason to get divorced, doesn’t it? I was dumbstruck. For a while, I sat there gazing absent-mindedly at the beautiful Goddess on the card. But then, I had to admit that this was true, that my marriage life was suffocating, and most surprisingly, I had not noticed that the lack of freedom was the reason behind it.

It had so happened that my ex-husband would dictate to me what I should do and how I was to behave as a daughter-in-law to his parents, and I hated it. But furthermore, I was being trapped in a cage constructed by my own thought: what I “should” do as a wife. And I wasn’t capable of releasing myself from this thought, or rather I should say, I wasn’t aware of that trap at all.

This was a great discovery because, after all, freedom is what I need to just being myself and for maintaining good quality in my life.

My life became easier after realizing that freedom was playing the most significant role in it. I started paying attention to where I needed freedom and I noticed that more than having the freedom to decide what I do, it was more important that I had the freedom to decide how I do things. Putting a high priority on protecting my freedom from not only others but also myself (aka my ego), made my decision-making simple and fast. And now I am grateful to anyone who allows me free will, including myself.

There’s a song by Sting titled “If you love somebody set them free” (written by him).

Free, free, set them free
Free, free, set them free
Free, free, set them free
If you need somebody
Call my name
If you want someone
You can do the same
If you want to keep something precious
You got to lock it up and throw away the key
If you want to hold onto your possession
Don’t even think about me

I love the last line and don’t want to be locked up by anybody; and I should be the last person to do that. This song has been a good reminder to me.

Well, how about your case?

What is your key to being your true self?

It’s worth thinking about it; I recommend you doing so. If it’s tough for you, I’m here to assist you to find it anytime with your Guardian Angels. If you’d like to try a Healing Reading, click here to contact me.

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