What does the Children card mean for you? ~ Angel card readings

Aloha! There are “Children” cards in multiple angel card decks, and today, I’d like to introduce you to some of them and talk about the possible meanings of the Children cards; it is related to children in general, and also it may mean your hidden inner child.

Children from the Life Purpose Oracle Cards
“Consider devoting your time and talents to helping children keep their minds and hearts open to love.” from the guidebook of the Life Purpose Oracle Cards

In a life purpose card reading

In a life purpose reading, the Children card means that your life purpose involves children, that is, any activity that involves interaction with children, including raising your own children. The activity may be not only work-related but also volunteer work that dedicated to children or work that helps in developing a better environment for children, and so on.

For example, nowadays, there are a lot of children who are highly sensitive, and they are diagnosed with developmental disabilities, ADHD (attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder), and autism. Engaging in developing a better, favourable environment for, or looking after, such children could be on your spiritual path.

In fact, many parents worry about their children because they are told at school or the clinic that their kids seem to be different from others. But, worry attracts worry. That’s the Law of Attraction, one of the universal laws in action.

Indigo and Crystal Children from the Archangel Oracle Cards
Indigo and Crystal Children from the Archangel Metatron. The angel of sensitive young people is willing to help those who take care of children. Feel free to ask him for any guidance!

I would highly recommend such parents to look for information on how to take care of highly sensitive children by using the following keywords: Empath; Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow Children; and HSP.

They may even consider receiving guidance from angel card readings for being positive and optimistic. And since I am an Indigo, I will be writing about Indigo children soon.

The world could turn into such a harsh, cold, and cruel place. Can you imagine how tough living in this world would be for sensitive children? Being sensitive should not be a problem; the problem is this rough society. We, as adults, should reach out to the children, ensuring that they have better experiences.

In a love or general card reading

When you’re doing a love angel reading or general angel reading, the Children card often means the inner child hiding in you.

Angels try to tell you that the wounds you received in childhood have not yet been healed.

Children from the Romance Angels Oracle Cards
“The angels honour and support all expressions of love, and they’re willing and able to help you with any issue concerning children.” from the guidebook of Romance Angels Oracle Cards

Once, when I was doing a love card reading for a client, and the Children card from the Romance Angels Oracle Cards popped up. The message I got through the card was that her parents got divorced during her youth, and because of her father’s misbehaviour, her conception of men became twisted. This lamentable experience was affecting her romantic relationship, and she wasn’t aware of this traumatized influence.

Because I had not been informed about her parent’s divorce by her, I indirectly explained the influences of her father and the need for caring of her inner child. She then wrote back to me about what happened when she was just ten years of age; her father had left her family for another woman. Although she had gone through such a tough time, she never talked about her father to her friends. She thought it was unimportant and was surprised to notice that she was actually crying while writing to me.

We somehow tend to consider our tough experiences as insignificant; we think that someone else must be experiencing a tougher time than us, and so, we should not complain. That’s not the case! Only you know how painful your wound is; it is meaningless to compare your pain with that of others.

Neglect is the most sinful act for an inner child, and your angels draw your attention to your inner child via the Children card.

To heal your inner child, working through your experiences is necessary; you need to be brave. First, notice your old feelings associated with those experiences. Then, shed a tear to cleanse your wounds. As you process it and learn the importance of being good to yourself, gradually, but certainly, you’ll feel lighter and your inner child will be healed.

Daughter, Children, and Son from the Magical Messages from the Fairies
Daughter, Children, and Son from the Magical Messages from the Fairies

Like in the case of my client, angels reveal a hidden fact affecting your current situation via angel cards.

If you have a problem, please consider my service, Healing Reading, to move on. Since I am an Empath as well as an Indigo, I can’t own any cards with scary images. Like the cards I’ve introduced in this post, all my angel cards have gentle and heartwarming images, so don’t be afraid to ask for readings; you will not receive any frightened or scary result. Let me assist you in healing your inner child or trauma.

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