What you’ll obtain from Healing Reading ~Angel card readings

Two weeks ago, I put my thoughts and intentions together of my service, Healing Reading, in a Japanese blog post—What would you obtain from Healing Reading? In this blog post, I’m going to share the answer with you.

I thought that making my intentions clear would help like-minded people find and connect with me, and help people who are wondering whether or not my service will meet their expectations by clarifying their doubts.

What you’re going to know today is common regardless of my reading options; it is the basic principle of the service.

Take back your power from Archangel Raziel ~Archangels Oracle Cards


My main aim is to help you take back, and connect with, your original spiritual power (—If you don’t like yourself right now and are hoping to change yourself, our purposes are the same here). And for that reason, you’ve got to understand your “true” self.

You have to go through many layers of emotional scars, external stress, and whispers of your Ego before you reach the original pure heart of who you are.

In such layers of negative feelings, your concerns and questions are raised. Angels, who understand my intention in reading, deliver information about the layers so that I’ll be able to appropriately guide you step by step.

Let it go from Quan Yin ~Ascended Masters
Quan Yin is a Buddhist goddess. You can call upon her for help with forgiveness and compassion.

A reading result is a piece of information

If my clients become too dependent on my readings to make decisions, it is the tail wagging the dog. Any reading result or guidance from me would be just a piece of information to make your own choices; it’s important that you are aware that only you can make the final call.

It is a lonely activity—admitting the existence of the layer that created your surface concern, facing the real fear, and then letting go of that fear.

Nonetheless, it is worth making the effort to reduce the thickness of the layers—you’re going to have a sense of self-realization. It rekindles childhood feelings, such as an absolute passion for your dream, genuine interest, and playful imagination. And by that time, the Law of Attraction will be there for you; you’ll receive the support of the Universe, and gradually, you may be able to move on with ease.

Courage from Archangel Ariel ~Archangels Oracle Cards

Spiritual experience

The more carefully you listen to your inner voice, the more inner wisdom you receive; you will then naturally trust and follow your intuitions. My main focus is to have you experience a process of self-realization—because after all, knowledge alone, rather than experience, about spiritual matters is not very useful. But, once you feel it and resonate with the truth, it will be a powerful spiritual experience.

My role

Resolving root causes of concerns or healing a long-lasting emotional wound would be by no means easy. I have to say that you have to be brave. But, if you desire to let go of them, then let me help you; I am here to help you.

Energy Healings from Merlin ~Ascended Masters
Merlin is the quintessential magician and sage-wizard achetype. He led me to learning Reiki and starting a spiritual service.

After I deliver a reading result, I do follow-ups; you may ask as many questions as you want and deepen your understanding of the reading. I love communicating with my clients and creating trusted relationships during the follow-ups.

You may consider Healing Reading counselling because I receive the counsel of Angels, Ascended Masters, and whoever in Heaven wants to help you via Angel cards and share it with you.


What is the final destination of my spiritual journey? It is called Oneness—unbounded eternity with endless peace and unconditional love. Earth is a polarized society—light and dark, future and past, and life and death. With such continuous opposing forces, while it is essential to fully experience both sides to have a full understanding of the purpose of living on Earth, I am trying to create Oneness within myself. If you’d like to join me in creating Oneness, that would be just wonderful!

I hope you now have a better understanding of Healing Reading and look forward to hearing from you—click here to check my reading options.

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