How you can make your life a lot easier ~ The Law of Attraction

Aloha! If you expect something good to happen in your life, you may be interested in my today’s article. I’m going to introduce you to one of the famous Universal Laws that helps you to invite a miracle into your life.

The Law of Attraction referred to as the Law of Manifestation, is a universal law that operates for all people at all times at all levels. As the name suggests, the key idea of this law is that positive thoughts will attract positive outcomes, whereas negative thoughts will cause negative outcomes to manifest.

Positive Thoughts Create Positive Results from Archangel Michael

Your belief in or doubt about this law doesn’t much affect outcomes, but I believe that being conscious of and understanding of this law helps you to get the unlimited support of the Universe and leads you to the next level of your spirituality; I’d like to tell you that how you can make use of this law and receive that support of the Universe.

Be Aware of Your Thoughts

When it comes to manifestation, being aware of your thoughts is the most significant key because thoughts are the source of outcomes—regardless of the trigger for your thoughts: which may be the newspaper article you read this morning, the information you came across on social media at lunch break, or the words your parents threw off when you were small.

Pay attention to what is hovering around in your mind.

Be Aware of People Around You and Situations

Have you heard of “Like attracts like”? Everything and everyone you draw into your life are similar to your thought patterns. You attract certain people or situations because they mirror your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs. That means that by observing the people around you or the situation you are in, you’ll be able to find your hidden thoughts.

—While watching your thoughts, you should also notice that what you think about is a choice; you may consciously want to choose a good one.

Spiritual Law of Attraction from Melchizedek ~ the Ascended Masters Oracle Cards
“If you want to change what or who you attract, hold more positive, loving, and joyful thoughts. The ascended masters and angels can help you with this shift.”

Stop Worrying

Just stop worrying when you realize that you’re worried about something. You are worried NOT because there are many problems or unpleasant things may happen in your life; you are worried because you are “thinking” about them–you should stop pouring your energy into them.

Outcomes are not determined by your ability to find a problem or predict accidents but your thoughts. Think about something good or pleasant, which may not necessarily be at the positive side of the things that you’re worried about but can be anything positive.

—In most cases, once you’ve managed to forget worrying about problems or unfortunate things, they are gone from your world too.

Take Action

When you cannot stop worrying, or rather, you feel you must not forget about the problem, choose to take action. Since your heart knows that you’ve got to do something about the problem, you feel the need.

As soon as you start taking action, you’ll notice the support of the Universe.

Take Care of Your Negative Feelings

Now, you may be able to get rid of unnecessary worries rooted in external information. But, you may also have some negative thoughts based on your own feelings; you need to take care of them. Let me share my experience with you.

Many years ago, after I studied the Law of Attraction, whenever I found myself having negative feelings, I paused and asked myself—“Why did I get this feeling?” I sought a cause for the negative feelings I had and then found two main reasons: one was uncertainty about the future, and the other was a fear of rejection (this could be in your case a lack of self-worthiness or self-respect, financial insecurity, or a fear of change or aging, and so on).

Knowing those two reasons, instead of keeping the fear-based feelings for the negative thoughts, I tried to transfer my feelings from the negative side to the positive side by wanting to conceptualize my desirable future and build my self-esteem. I didn’t know that “how” I could go about those desires but attempted that transfer, and then practical ideas and information started coming my way out of nowhere.

I’ve stopped falling in a vicious cycle of negative emotions. I realized that it is because I had got a lot of ideas for what I wanted since then; there was no time to worry anymore.

The key to getting the support you need is to make your intention clear to the Universe that you want to release fears and are open to receive the support. And the attempt at removing your feelings from the negative energy pool proves it. Only after the first attempt, you’ll find yourself getting positive with ease, and it’ll continue because you’ll be supported by the Universe.

Buddha of the Ascended Masters Oracle Cards
What you feel, you attract. ~Buddha

The principle of the Law of Attraction or the Law of Manifestation is simple; positive vibration resonates with the right people or things in the right place at the right time and brings positive outcomes into your life. Negative vibration does the opposite.

I hope that you’ll begin with whatever you can start now. Get the support from the Universe to the fullest and make your life easier. And when you need further help or guidance, I’m here to help you; check my reading options.

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