My way of Detox

Aloha! Recently, I feel more influenced by full moon than before, and the last Saturday was one of the very powerful full moons, as it was a full moon eclipse; I felt a bit heavy over the weekend.

When I feel heavy and don’t have any energy, reading books or watching movies on the television are my choices. But, there’s one thing that I never miss even while I’m feeling down: it’s jogging.

I wrote about my jogging around a year ago, and I’m proud of myself for this habit. Detox does always work for both body and mind and is one of full moon’s themes as well. What is your way of detox?

Healing Readings with Nalikolehua

"We run Mum" ~Healing Readings with Nalikolehua

Aloha! I have a skin allergy and usually wear only cotton clothes, but today I got my first Dri-Fit t-shirt; it says, “WE RUN MUM.” I like the design from the moment I saw it, as I like both, Mumbai where I live and jogging.

The skin allergy, atopy, occurs when toxins come out of your body through the skin; detox—through the normal excretory system—is the key to not develop atopy. I clean tongue every morning and pay attention to what I eat and the amount of water I drink to prevent constipation. I give myself stomach massage too.

But, I hardly sweat, which is, unfortunately, typical for an atopy patient’s metabolism.

Sweat is great because it releases tensions and relaxes your body. It also removes accumulated salt from your body. A little salt is good for your health, but more is not necessarily better.

Salt has contractive energy—so-called Yang…

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