Do you know how to listen to your heart effectively?

“Open Your Heart to Love” from Jesus of Ascended Masters Oracle Cards
Jesus helps anyone regardless of the person’s religious or spiritual beliefs.

Aloha! If you’d like to live the life you love, it is essential to listen to your heart. Despite hoping to do it, knowing this essence, you may be still scared, or not confident enough, to do what your heart whispers.

The good news is that there are effective ways that shut out your distractions: the controversial arguments your ego generates or a loud noise from negative people around you.

I’m going to introduce you to the three tips given by the Ascended Masters, and please remember that it’s important to follow the tips in order.

“Clear and Shield Your Energy” from El Morya of Ascended Masters Oracle Cards
El Morya serves from heavenly realms the blue ray of God’s protection.

Tip 1: Clear and Shield Your Energy

If you often get affected by other people’s energy or easily distracted by the harsh words you receive from someone heartless, you absorb some toxic energy from them, which numbs your sense. First, as a sensitive person, you need to clear and protect your energy.

How?—Call on El Morya and Archangel Michael. Yes, it is that easy! Please ask them to clear yourself (you may say it out loud or in mind); and after that, ask to shield you from further intrusions.

Tip 2: Open Your Heart to Love

It is possible that your heart may not be fully opened because you are scared of opening up about your heart’s desire?

Since your heart is the gateway of receptivity, you need to open your heart to love: both sending and receiving love.

How?—Call upon Jesus for help with healing yourself emotionally and physically so you’ll feel safe enough to open your heart. He helps anyone regardless of the person’s religious or spiritual beliefs.

“Let If Go” from Quan Yin of Ascended Masters Oracle CardsTip 3: Let It Go

You’ll hear the calm voice of your soul once you let go of judgments, unforgiveness, struggle, and anger. Quiet your mind, have compassion for yourself, and trust that the Universe is on your side.

How?—Call upon Quan Yin, the Buddhist goddess of compassion, to let go of unwanted, distracting thoughts.

I hope the tips would help you to be able to hear your inner voice and confidently move forward.

If you need personal assistance to listen to your heart, I’m here to help you with your Guardian Angels; check my reading options.

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