What you should know to realize your wish ~ Spiritual​ truth

Aloha! During the last year, I found that many clients did not love themselves—not enough to believe that they deserved what they wanted. In this blog post, I’m going to tell you what you should know if you’d like to realize your wish.

Let Go of Fear...Now from Archangel Michael

It seems that many people don’t have self-esteem, but rather fears—a fear of rejection, a fear of getting hurt, and a fear of failure. A strong sense of fears leads people to make decisions on the basis of their fears.

“I don’t want to get hurt.”

“I don’t want to be hated.”

“I’m afraid of making mistakes.”

Holding and not letting go of such fears results in your ego being encouraged to speak louder. And unfortunately, once you get used to feeding your ego, you will hardly hear the subtle but sound inner guidance over the loud voice, and moving forward in the right direction would be more difficult than before.

You must focus on what you want to achieve to make your wish come true. It is only then that the Universe and Angels can step into your way to give you support.

For example, when you possess an intense fear of rejection, the Universe and Angels will perceive that you have chosen not to get hurt— instead of to be loved. For this reason, they cannot help you to surround yourself by like-minded, loving people. You should just stop making fear-based decisions.

You Are Loved of Indigo Angel Oracle Cards
“The angels love and respect you unconditionally, and are always on your side” from Indigo Angel

To make the switch to make decisions based on desire, not fear, you need to maintain self-respect and foster self-esteem: you should treat yourself with the same respect as someone special in your life.

When you need someone to listen to you, you first listen to your heart—you observe swirling emotions, feel, and accept each of them.

If you want someone to be with you always, you should never slight yourself—be on your side and stand for your belief.

And here are the affirmations I would like to recommend you:

I am lovable.
I am loved.
I am loving.

You keep affirming until you can say it with no resistance (to your ego) but put a smile on your face. When you feel absolute comfort in saying those, you must have a sense of self-worth and be ready to receive the unlimited support that the Universe and Angels are willing to send to you✨

If you struggle to take out your fears and build up your self-esteem, I’m here to help you; please check my reading options!

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