How can you receive gifts from God? ~ Archangel Sandalphon

Aloha! I’ve been telling you that when we ask for help, how helpful the Universe, God, and Angels can be. You deserve gifts from God, and so ask for what you want—because you’ll get it!

“Gifts from God” from Archangel Sandalphon of Archangel Oracle Cards
“Call upon Sandalphon when you need help in allowing yourself to receive.”

To make sure of receiving what you want, you need to be open to accept it and have the faith. In this blog post, I wanted to tell you the importance of being careful of your own mental attitude after you asked for help by sharing an episode.

Recently, I got inspired by the World Angel Summit, which was a great opportunity to listen to experienced people working with angels, to share my experiences with my readers so that you will know how and be easily able to apply what I’m doing to your life.

So, here’s one of my experiences of being helped by angels:

Asking for a vehicle is one of the easy ways to know that angels are listening to and working for you; I ask my angels to get a rickshaw for me every time I need it and wait for not more than 5 minutes. Yet, you may think that getting a rickshaw is not a big deal here in Mumbai where I live. But, during monsoon, you definitely need the luck to get it. I hear that some people have to wait for 20 to 30 minutes. Furthermore, what about when it’s one of the days of one-day bus strike? It certainly becomes quite difficult.

Now let me share my experience on such a day: one of the days of one-day bus strike during monsoon.

Since it had already started raining while I was getting ready to go to work, I asked my angels to get a rickshaw for me.

“Please send me a rickshaw once I’ve reached the main street.”

When you ask angels for a cab or rickshaw, you always remember that you have to specify in as much detail as possible to get it at the right moment. My society was located in a small lane and not far from the main street, and it was also next to a bus depot.

Accept Heaven’s Help of Magical Mermaids and Dolphins
Get out of the way to let Heaven help you!

Once I had come out of the society, I immediately noticed and saw four or five people standing on the main street, unlike normal days; I got an ominous feeling. My mind was racing as I approached the main street, recalling that I had asked the angels for a rickshaw before leaving home. My hunch was right; there was no queue at the bus stop on the main street, and which meant that bus drivers were on strike! More people than usual were roaming around the street, waiting for rickshaws in the rain. It looked there was no empty rickshaw around.

I passed by the people where the small lane met the main street, turned left, and kept walking a little bit on the main street. I was excited to see what was about to happen, trying not to have any doubt about angels’ work.

There was a person roaming about 3 meters ahead of and another one about 3 meters behind me. It was then that an empty rickshaw at the opposite lane coming toward us took a U-turn, slid into my side, and stopped just in front of me. It was so perfect timing and position of the rickshaw that it left no doubt that this rickshaw was for me.

Have Faith of Magical Mermaids and Dolphins

I was on the main street for no more than a few minutes; I got in the rickshaw in disbelief. Needless to say, I was so grateful to my angels⭐️

I hope now that you could see and imagine my mental state of being open and having the faith that I would anyway get a rickshaw even after recognizing the bus strike just because I asked the angels.

Trust that God and angels are helping you and keep the faith no matter what.

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