When time is hard and you want to stop something that matters to you

Aloha! I was too busy to update my blog as usual last month because I wanted to renew my website in April (and it’s done!). It’s been almost two years since I started my service Healing Readings. Back then, when I started, I didn’t know where I was heading but knew that I would love what I was about to start. And, thankfully, I haven’t faced a crisis of motivation or confidence in continuing my service thanks to my Angels, friends, clients, and my online mentor Marie Forleo. Today, like my supporters do for me, I’d like to encourage you to keep doing what you’re doing.

Today’s card for you is Your Desire Is Within Reach.

Your Desire Is Within Reach of the Magical Messages from the Fairies

When I asked Angels for a topic on which I would write this article, this card popped up: it says that although you may not yet see the results, the Universe has heard your prayers and is working behind the scenes to help you.

When time is hard, it feels that the whole world turns its back to you and you don’t deserve what you want. But, that’s not true because that’s not the voice of the world but that of your ego.

Whom Do You Need to Forgive? of the Magical Messages from the FairiesMarie often says that many people stop or give up something which they were doing with their passion and good intentions just before it blooms. You shouldn’t and don’t want to be one of them.

Here’s how you’ll have you back on the track when you see yourself listening to the ego. The fairies sent two more cards to you along with the Your Desire Is Within Reach.

Step 1: Forgive yourself

The card I pulled was “Whom Do You Need to Forgive” and my very last post was about self-forgiveness and that’s the message here. You may be regretting because you’ve made mistakes, or you did not do what you were supposed to do or did what you weren’t. But, in either case, both self-blaming and quitting what you’re doing don’t change your past; you’ve got to release the anger toward yourself and move on.

Practice, Practice, Practice of the Magical Messages from the FairiesStep 2: Take action

The message of the card “Practice, Practice, Practice” here is to take action. To quiet your ego, you need to be strong, and taking action always helps you to make self-belief stronger and become more confident. Plus, doing anything that matters to your heart tells the Universe where you need its support.

So, have faith and keep going—although you have yet to see the results, you are almost there: your desire is within reach.

I hope this article helps you to look up and move on, but if you need personal assistance to do it, let me and your Guardian Angels help you; please check my reading options.

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