Spiritual messages by star sign

It’s been two years since I’ve launched my service Healing Readings. Time did not fly in my case; it feels more than two years! It was full of new experiences, and which made me feel longer than the reality. And since I provide spiritual messages by star sign only twice a year, this is the fourth blog post.

Nature from Indigo Angel Oracle Cards

Knowing your true self is fundamental to develop self-esteem, and knowing your horoscope is quite close to knowing your roots; if you haven’t got your birth chart, I’d highly recommend you to check it today⭐️

In general, the Star Sign is the Sun Sign, but technically, you have 12 Star Signs in astrology; the Moon Sign is the constellation in which the moon was present at the moment you were born. While your Sun Sign is your basic self, your Moon Sign is your emotional nature, and for this reason women often resonate with messages from the Moon Sign rather than the Sun Sign.

Please enjoy your both Sign’s spiritual messages which are relevant in the second half of this year. This time I was guided to use Indigo Angel Oracle Cards which give you quite straightforward guidance; pay attention to your feelings when you receive it, and don’t judge your emotions but accept as is✨

Aries (21st Mar to 19th Apr)  Look Through the Situation

Look through the situation from Indigo Angel Oracle CardsWhen things don’t go in the way you wished, try not to be very emotional. Since Aries is always passionate and enthusiastic, be extra careful—because you would be trapped by your own emotions. Step back, look through the situation, and calm down, knowing that the situation is temporary♈️

Taurus (20th Apr to 20th May) Divine Timing

Divine Timing from Indigo Angel Oracle CardsThe situation in which even patient Taurus feels impatient may occur during this period. You may think that you’re already ready, but the Divine Timing has yet to come. Have faith and wait for that moment, knowing that the Universe and Angels are working for you♉️

Gemini (21st May to 21st Jun) Ask For a Sign

Ask For A Sign from Indigo Angel Oracle CardsGemini usually doesn’t get easily stuck with or trapped by a situation. But, during this period even you may lack confidence and are not sure how to move forward; please remember that you’ll ask for a sign whether you’re in the right direction when you are in the face of such a situation (and when you think is it a sign? Yes, it more likely is)♊️

Cancer (22nd Jun to 22nd July) Freedom

Freedom from Indigo Angel Oracle CardsIf you want freedom in any form right now, it will be given during this period. Cancerian tends to spend more than enough time with others because of its characteristic. But, you’ll make yourself a priority for freedom♋️

Leo (23rd July to 22nd Aug) Freedom

Freedom from Indigo Angel Oracle CardsJust as Cancerian, Leos will also attain freedom to fly high as you wish⭐️; you’ll be given an opportunity so that you can spread your wings to soar like the angel on the card♌️

Virgo (23rd Aug to 22nd Sep) Ask For a Sign

Ask For A Sign from Indigo Angel Oracle CardsThis is the same card for Gemini. Virgoan is well-organized and a hard worker. But, sometimes you may be pushing yourself too much. During this period, try to not harsh on yourself but ask for a sign that would confirm your ideas on next steps; you may discover a new, different way♍️

Libra (23rd Sep to 23rd Oct) Believe in Yourself

Believe in Yourself from Indigo Angel Oracle CardsLibran is good at listening to others, and which is great. But, during this period, rather believe in your intuition, own ideas, and belief. You have unlimited potential; do not let others influence you in believing that♎️

Scorpio (24th Oct to 22nd Nov) Compassion

Compassion from Indigo Angel Oracle CardsScorpio prefers a deep, close relationship. For this reason, when it comes to a new relationship, please remember to have compassion for the other person who may need more time than you to foster a trusting relationship (even when the other person likes you)♏️

Sagittarius (23rd Nov to 21st Dec) Patience

Patience from Indigo Angel Oracle CardsIt could be a little frustrating for Saggitarius who prefers being light-footed because you’ll need patience. It’s not that your prayers are not going to be answered, but it’ll take a little more time than expected. Please be patient and don’t make important decisions in a rush♐️

Capricorn (22nd Dec to 19th Jan) Acceptance

Acceptance from Indigo Angel Oracle CardsCapricorn is good at planning ahead and respects tradition; you may prefer keeping a distance from people who cause unpredictable events in your life. But, during this period, the key to moving forward is acceptance. Whoever it is, people in your life is a part of your life. Please remember this truth, and accept your life wholly♑️

Aquarius (20th Jan to 18th Feb) You Already Know

You Already Know from Indigo Angel Oracle CardsThe advice you want does not exist in the external world but the internal one which is within you. Aquarian seeking creativity and originality, needs to realize that fact. Trust your inner voice—because the world needs your voice♒️

Pisces (19th Feb to 20th Mar) Nature

Nature from Indigo Angel Oracle CardsPiscean is quite likely sensitive and has empathy, so you must be a good listener. But, you may unknowingly absorb negative energy as well; to be your true self, please remember that it is essential to connect with nature more than usual during this period♓️

Overall, it looks like a bit emotional you will be in the second half of 2017. Please keep in mind that you’re not alone and always ask for help or a sign. And do not listen to your ego and focus on a drama; you have a choice to free your heart from any situation at any moment✨

If you need personal assistance to move on, let me and your Guardian Angels help you; please check my reading options.

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