You are not alone—let me and your Angels help you

When I thought about what I wanted to tell my readers today, it was “You are not alone” that came into my mind (and it is one of my favorite cards from the Indigo Angel Oracle Cards).

Don’t you believe that you are not alone at all times?
Or did you recently feel that you were alone?

In any case, I just want you to believe and remember that you are not alone—because you are not.

You are not alone of the Indigo Angel Oracle Cards

When you feel empty or cold at heart, your heart is closed. But, by believing that you’re not alone, you can send love to your heart to open up.

While having a rough time, if you can become aware that you are never alone, you may notice that things in your life will go on without you suffering—because you’ll be being helped.
You’ll be ready to accept help from Heaven and others only after you’ve given yourself permission to believe that you are not alone.

And I’d like to add that I’m here to help you too with your Angels.

If you suffer from the pain from your past, feel guilty about what you’ve done or not done, or feel isolated without any reason or for whatever reason, please let me and your Angels support you to feel better tomorrow.

If you’re having a difficult time at the moment, you may want to use one of my Healing Reading options called Indigo. To step out of your current situation, you’ll know where to start.

(Once you feel a little better and want to move to the next step, you may consider other two Healing Reading options: Crystal and Rainbow; Crystal will give you the briefing on where you are at the moment in terms of relationship, health, and life purpose; Rainbow is a thorough card reading through which you can try to gain as much clarity as possible about your current challenges, priorities, and future prospects.)

I hope you now agree with me that it is worth remembering and believing that you are not alone.

And when you could believe in it, you’re going to tap into the source of unlimited love and light.

Don’t be afraid and be brave to accept this truth: you are not alone✨

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