Three points to remember to identity voices of angels, not egos

I wonder if you’re regularly communicating with angels. It is quite beneficial to you in every aspect of life, so if you haven’t, I’d like to recommend that you’d start it today✨

You don’t need anything to hear voices of the angels, and anyone can listen to it. There’s no need of taking a class or course for that.

It often happens that the voices of your angels are mixed with your thoughts and voices of your egos. For that reason, you may possibly misunderstand that you cannot hear your angel’s voice.

As their voices are subtle, it’d be difficult to hear them initially, but you’ll be able to recognize it easily once you’ve got the following three points:

#1 The first voice

When I started talking to the angels, I was quite surprised by the quickness of their response.

First, calm your mind and then speak to the angels. Since it’ll be almost the same timing that when you’re about to finish your question the angels respond, focus on that moment. After that moment, you’ll receive a lot of ideas from the egos; the voice of the angels might be overtaken by that of the egos. Egos have great reflexes, and so you must concentrate and catch the first idea you’ll receive because that would be the answer from your angels.

Your Inner Guidance Is Real and Trustworthy from Archangel Michael

#2 Angels never compare you to others but your ego does!

We are influenced by our past experiences. In addition, since our souls have past lives and are influenced by those as well, I may say that no one knows all about one’s past. It is simply impossible to find someone who has the exact same past experiences; comparing one to others is absolute nonsense.

In fact, the angels acknowledge you as someone unique and never compare you to others.

On the contrary, egos like comparison. For example, when you receive a great idea from the angels, your ego will immediately respond something like these: “I cannot make it happen like he does” or “No one has ever done it. How can I make it?”

Ego from Archangel Jophiel of Angel Tarot Cards

I hope you now know that there’s a clear distinction between what your angels and egos say.

#3 Repeated ideas

Your guardian angels know your life purposes. They are only with you and supporting you all the time; they don’t take care of others like a school teacher. So, if you missed hearing their responses, you may just ask for it once again.

When you need to hear it, the angels actually would never give up delivering it; it’ll repeatedly come to you.

Clairaudience from Archangel Zadkiel of Archangel Oracle Cards

Now, you may be thinking that you know something about it. If you hear the voice of the angels even fragmentarily, follow what you’ve heard. The angels don’t actually suggest something that you are not able to do. They know you very well!

Hope this article would help you communicate with your angels!

If you’d like to get some help in communicating with your angels, I will be happy to help you: you may consider Elestial Healing Reading to know about your guardian angels.

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