How to make the change that you failed to make before

If you struggle in making a certain change in your behavioral pattern or thought process, this is the right one for you; today I’m going to write about how you can make the change that you once failed or kept failing to make before.

When you say “I want to change this” or “Why I always can’t do this?” after you got into a familiar but unwanted situation, you sincerely mean it and want to know the reason, don’t you?

It is hard to change something that you couldn’t change for a long time. So I’d like to help you out by providing a few tips here given by Angels.

If you’d try to make the same change without new strategies, it should be as difficult as it was—because it must never suppose to be easy for you. It may sound ridiculous, but that’s a simple fact and must be the reason why you haven’t made it so far.

You may think, however, that it seems other people do it without having difficulty. But don’t compare yourself with others as everyone has different stories behind his or her problems; you need to focus on yours.

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Be ready

Firstly, make up your mind to be ready to tackle a significant change that will transform your life forever. And secondly, to achieve your goal this time, know that you can’t take the same approaches you already chose in the past and that you will quite likely be able to succeed in making the change if you get a new perspective.

Get a new perspective

It’s not that your willpower was not strong enough to make that change. You only couldn’t do it for some reasons. So what were they? They are what might be sitting in your heart for a long enough time to make you believe that you should not make that change. Somewhere in your brain must not want to see you making that change.

Have you ever tried this perspective? You did not make the change because you should not do it. If you haven’t, you should try it now by asking yourself like these:

“Why shouldn’t I make that change?
What’s going to happen to me if I made that change?
For whom I should not make that change, though it is fine with me?”

Find a story beneath your struggle

Now, you’ve got to look for a clue in your stories. The answers would be like,

“I don’t deserve the outcome of the change…”
“I must give up something (that you don’t want to give up) to make that change…”
“My mom wouldn’t be happy to see the change in me…”

But are they true? Who said that?

You need to dig in by asking yourself why and find the truth for you; some must be fake and not be your statement after all! You must have repeatedly heard it or heard it from someone who was or is influential.

Once you’ve found the story behind the struggle, you will easily be able to see a solution:

You deserve what you want in life.
You don’t need to give up anything if you don’t want to.
It is your life, not parent’s; you must take control.

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If you want to improve a situation, get out of your comfort zone and commit to your desired outcome—it is yet up to you whether this is going to be your “Break Free” moment or not.

Instead of blaming yourself being unable to make that change, keep asking yourself what is preventing you from making that change. It’s nothing to do with your mental power but your stories lying deep down in your heart.

So get the courage, dive, and bring the story to the surface with you.

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