Can You Leave It to Universe? Letting Go ~ Angel Card Reading

Today let me share a simple but important message that Angels often send to us—especially to people who are working hard in the modern society full of stress. That message is “Let Go.”  

The way our society currently is often confuses us; it feels as if you are in control over everything and have to bear full responsibility for it—although it is very little over which you can take control in reality. Nonetheless, you get stressed out when things don’t turn out well. That might be because you believe that it will be you who have to fix the situation. But, in many cases, it may not be.

There is a superpower in this world—I mean that same force that created the first pair of human beings; we are the creation of the Creator. Since the Creator is out there, you don’t need to take care of everything; you can leave it to the Creator. But, let me call it Universe to simplify the message here.  

You may think destressing is essential these days, but not producing stress is the fundamental solution against stressful life. The good news is that mastering of leaving to the Universe helps you do so.

Let Go from the Life Purpose Oracle Cards
Let Go from the Life Purpose oracle cards: Walk away from this situation in order to resolve it.

How to leave to Universe

All you need to do is to imagine what you desire and leave to the Universe about how to do it. Our knowledge is limited but the wisdom of the Universe is not. It’s infinite and for this reason that it’s best to leave anything to it.

We’re used to judging it’s impossible to do something if we don’t know how. But it’s a shame that we give up something only because we can’t think of how. From now on, you visualize your destination and leave the rest of the manifestation process to Universe; this is the way to let go of control.  

Letting go and going with the flow are quite similar. Don’t against the tides of life. Especially when you’re tired, stop beating yourself up but go with the ups and downs. It might be intimidating at first but trust the Universe to support you and be open to receive its support.

Let Go from the magical messages from the fairies oracle cards
Let Go from the Fairies: As you surrender the need to control, your relaxed energy rapidly attracts your desires. 

Be brave to hand over the control to the Universe and let supportive doors open for you✨

Let Go of Control Issues from the Romance Angels Oracle Cards
Let Go of Control Issues from the Romance Angels: Allow this situation to unfold naturally.

The best thing you can do is to move yourself out of your way so that you won’t block the support sent by the Universe. Don’t try to control other people as well as external circumstances; let it work for you!

When you’re missing the chances of accepting the help from the Universe, you may receive a “Let Go” card as a reminder.

Once you’ve experienced how effectively things can move forward without your involvement, you can’t go back again, and your life will never be the same.

If you’re struggling to let go of something alone, please let me, Angels, and Dragons help you. Please check my Healing reading options here.

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Angel blessings,

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