Seek Experience, Not A Guru ~ Spirituality

When it comes to spirituality, many people seem to think that it is only about what to believe, and also, look for and follow a guru whose belief resonates with them and whose words touch their hearts.

While having a spiritual leader is nothing wrong by itself, if you are fearful and don’t want to trust yourself, you may probably end up heavily relying on your guru. Furthermore, if you think that it’d be great if someone reliable steers your life on behalf of you, I tell you that won’t happen anyway because you are the captain of your soul (as Nelson Mandela’s favourite poem says), and your idea is wrong.

Believe In Yourself from Indigo Angel Oracle Cards

To avoid to become a fearful captain of your soul, you may want to improve your self-confidence.

When I thought about where my confidence lay, I noticed this—when I’m so sure that I wouldn’t say I believe but I know. And that’s because it has happened in my life. And since my firsthand experience can’t be right or wrong, it had simply empowered me.

When your belief is backed up with experiences, it is no longer just a belief but becomes your knowledge. For that reason, experience what you believe yourself—use your body and senses so that you’ll remember it well.

Believe and Trust from the Archangel Michael Oracle Cards

Life is eventually a sequence of choices and experiences. It might be intimidating sometimes but choose to be brave and keep gaining spiritual experiences. Let go of as many fears as possible and enjoy your spiritual journey!

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