Are You Telling the Truth to Your Heart?

Today I’d like to write about and ask you this: are you telling the truth to your heart?

Telling the truth to your heart is somewhat similar to following your heart, but more specifically, it’s about being conscious of your words and choosing the right ones that represent what your heart wants to express—not what your mind needs to say or not emotionally just let it out. It’s about how you want to express yourself, being aware that your heart is, always ahead of any other audience, the first listener of your words.

Assertiveness from the Magical Messaged from the Fairies Oracle Cards: Stand up for your beliefs, and only say yes if you really want to.
Be assertive and stand up for what your heart wants!

I was hooked when I heard Caroline Myss almost shouting at the audience in one of the lessons of 2019 You Can Heal Your Life Summit that “Tell the truth (to your heart) !”

I, an Indigo Child, am confident in saying that, most likely 99% of the time, my words are not far from my genuine opinions or emotions. However, whether or not my words are fully aligned with my heart remained as a question for some time.

Some time ago, I experienced that mind, heart, and body were functioning completely independent while I was mildly depressed (and that could be called a balance that held me from collapsing). The heart resisting feeling anything and demanding to stay numb, the body caring for its minimum needs as a robot, and the mind observing the state of my being objectively and creating practical ideas. One of them was asking Angels for help, but while depression heart refuses to accept hope or expectation, and so did my heart.

At the slightly upper side of the depression wave, I tried to talk to my best friend and explain what’s going on within me. Sensible words were ready to be spoken. But when the body tried to bring them out by moving muscles, the heart denied the action such that it felt as if my vocal cords became a tug-and-war rope between the two. At that moment, it seemed to me that the heart could not accept and hear but the truth to it; the mind put the words aside and did its very best to describe it to the heart.

Contemplation Time from the Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards: Spend time alone, meditating upon what you truly desire.
Please set aside some time alone every day to reflect upon what your heart desires.

This experience has taught me what telling the truth to your heart is like, and I understood that that was ultimate healing for myself. That powerful healing only requires a deliberate intent to listen to and understand the heart’s desires.

And now, I’d like to encourage you to practice it daily (as you’ve read this blog post till here). I don’t think that I am successful all the time at telling the truth to my heart, yet I know the fact that when you succeed it, you’ll gain self-esteem as well as self-love.

I hope you’ll try and learn about how you can do it and find your way!

If you need some help in telling the truth to your heart, I am here to help you with Angels; please check my Healing reading options.

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