Why Do We Argue?

If you’re feeling down or not OK because you had a fight with someone you love, this article is for you✨

First, I wanted to tell you that even so-called Twin Flame couples have arguments, so you have nothing to worry about it. But, of course, you don’t wish to have it often.

Then, I wonder if, while quarrelling, you had remembered this simple thing, you could have made the argument more constructive, less harsh or even avoidable. That is to know that you are fully understood.

You Are Understood from the Indigo Angel Oracle Cards
“You Are Understood” from the Indigo Angel Oracle Cards

I think that in many circumstances, we argue because when the other person disagrees with you, you take it as if your personality and existence got rejected. You feel hurt then become offensive.

But today, Angels say that you are understood. They understand you as who you are, and the person you argued with also understands you well.

I believe that you would agree with it because that’s why you must have expected him or her to agree with you in the first place. And when it didn’t happen, you got agitated, feeling at deep down your heart that the other person didn’t understand you, and that feeling was your illusion. However, that’s when we all make a mistake.

Twin Flame from Aengus of the Ascended Masters Oracle Cards
You need to have patience even in a twin-flame relationship.

You needed not change the fact that you are understood. If you could keep it laid down at the bottom of your mind, you’d have been able to accept and see the fight as a mere disagreement between you two. It’s nothing more or less than that.

Next time, when you start feeling agitated in a conversation with your loved one, don’t lose your faith in the person. Imagine his or her current situation, and remember good times with him or her and that two people can have different opinions but stay together.

A new beginning from the Angel Feather Oracle

You can have a bright future, even if you have had many ugly fights in the past. The future starts from the present. Make yourself ready to accept a fresh start as a foreseen treasure comes your way now✨

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