What to Do When You Want Reassurance

Today, I’m going to write about what to do and not to do when you want reassurance about something. For example, when you know that you’ve done everything you could at the moment towards your new project—you still feel tempted to hear someone saying, “it’ll be all right!”

There’s a common phrase: find the answers within yourself—which you must have heard of and, more or less, have experienced as well.

But how about reassurance?

Even after we experience finding the answers within ourselves, we tend to seek reassurance outside of ourselves, don’t we? Wouldn’t it be great if you could trust what you know inside yourself without seeking approval or validation? You will be then independent and free from the drama created by someone that may shake you up unnecessarily.

Contemplation Time from the Magical Mermaids & Dolphins Oracle Cards

You can decide now that you’ll go, look within and spend some time alone next time when you get nervous and feel like taking reassurance from someone. You’re going to make time for meditation and sit down.

It’s time to stop that you try getting it from someone else but you✨

Even if you receive it from the outside, you may feel better for a while; yet, sooner or later, you’ll feel insecure, like you did before, and look for it again. That will repeat until you change the pattern of your behaviour.

Also, depending upon outside resources may add to the stress due to the unavailability, as you can’t always keep them for yourself. You will, however, undoubtedly have yourself anytime.

Courage from Archangel Ariel of the Archangel Oracle Cards

Being on your own may require some courage, but for that, you can ask your Guardian Angels and Archangel Ariel✨.

Don’t go online and search for those who may give reassurance to you. You may talk to your close friends or family; nonetheless, believing in your inner ability is the best option you have. If you keep running away from having faith in yourself, you’ll go round and round in the wrong places.

Four of Air from the Angel Tarot Cards

Trusting your inner guidance is neither being arrogant nor reckless and training yourself to like solitude is worth doing. If you haven’t, meditation is something that you’ve got to integrate into a daily routine now.

And let me remind you that it’s OK to make mistakes or misunderstand the meaning of your inner voice while trying to follow it. You’ll always learn from it, and which will only help build a sense of reassurance in you.

Take a vacation from the outside world; give your time and allow more time before giving up your ability—which is unlimited🌈✨

Your Inner Guidance Is Real and Trustworthy from Archangel Michael

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