Travelling to Your Unbroken Nature of Who You Are

A little while ago, I went through a unique, spiritual experience through a meditation program. And the experience brought me to the renewed realisation that we, humans, do belong to this planet, and we are one with nature. And how amazingly our body was made of the same ingredients that of nature.

Let me share that deep healing journey with you today.

Astral Travel from the Angel Dreams oracle cards
Astral or soul travel occurs when you are between the “asleep” and the “awake” states of being.

Transformation of my perspective on gravity

I am a Starseed, feeling gravity heavy on my body, and used to think that it’s such a burden with living on Earth. My horoscope doesn’t have a single Earth sign, so I had surrendered my hope of ever feeling fine with it.

But since that day, the annoyance with the pull of gravity has transformed into deep gratitude for Mother Earth. It feels that it has shifted my perspective on gravity forever.

Shaman’s song by Ya’Acov Darling Khan

On that day, I came across a guided meditation called Shaman’s Song by Ya’Acov Darling Khan, which consisted of four guided meditations and one long drum track. The first three ones are for morning meditation, which is about 40 minutes in total. And the fourth one is an 8-minute evening meditation.

The cover picture of the audio was a beautiful jaguar. And I had been curious about Shamanism, so the title “Shaman’s Song” was attractive enough for me to give it a try. (Looking back now though, it’s likely that I was guided to listen to it by the Universe.)

Shaman's Song by Ya’Acov Darling Khan
You can find this on the Hay House Unlimited Audio or Audible!

I started the morning meditation, and the music immediately helped my mind to calm down. It’s a traditional percussion ensemble, and the beauty and the power of it were indescribable.

The narrative taught me how beautifully the four elements of the Universe: Earth, Fire, Water and Wind functioning vividly within my body, and the gravity supporting the flesh, an Earth element, grounded to the Mother Earth. I have never felt this beautiful, excellent way of connecting with nature.

And as if I was going into the Amazon rainforest, travelling on a beautiful river, being surrounded by chirping birds and rustling leaves, my mind travelled from the material world to the deep spiritual world. I felt I became part of the magnificent tropical forest. I was one with the great nature, and at that moment, I sensed that it awakened the wildness and the freedom of my mind. I was overwhelmed.

What would Angels say?

After I opened my eyes, still basking in the afterglow of such a realisation brought through the body, I wondered what Angels would say to me. I intuitively picked up the Angel Dreams oracle card deck (out of 15 decks) and pulled the Lady’s Mantle card (out of 55 cards). And there were three keywords written on it: Mother, Healing, and Alchemy.

Lady’s Mantle from the Angel Dreams oracle card

The message couldn’t be clearer: Mother Earth has brought in healing and alchemy to me. I was utterly speechless. Who could expect that the entire experience was described so precisely in such a manner! Well, that’s what Angel’s doing.

This new perspective on the human body consisted of those four elements and gravity supporting human to be associated with the Earth instantly brought tremendous healing to me.

Especially, knowing about gravity’s role in my spiritual journey was sensational. Now, gravity reminds me of the reason why I am on Earth; why my soul chose to come—which automatically shifts my focus to what matters to me. And now, I’m in the process of getting freed from the long-held powerlessness against gravity thanks to the healing given.

And in the presence of the power of alchemy, my connection to the unbroken nature of who I am is getting stronger as Ya’Acov the shaman intended. He says in the introduction that the audio is to support you to find a deep connection to your own physicality, to the wisdom of your own heart, and to the clarity and the openness of your mind.

Contemplation Time from the Magical Mermaids and Dolphins oracle cards

Yes, it was another powerful experience to connect to my body, inner wisdom and nature. And those experiences only keep me meditating regularly. It’s almost a shame if you don’t experience it…

So, let me urge you to build a stable meditation practice if you haven’t. It’s never too late! 

If you’re afraid of going deeper into your inner world, I’m here to help; I was once too scared to meditate. You’re not alone. Please check the reading options and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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Angel blessings,

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