Are You too Impatient to Wait for Divine Timing?

Today, I’d like to write about how to wait for the Divine Timing of your dream/desire because I know that it can be hard.

Divine Timing from Indigo Angel Oracle Cards
“Divine timing means that nothing can happen before the dynamics of your life are completely ready for it” from Indigo Angel Oracle Cards by Charles Virtue

You may be too impatient to wait for it because you may have some past experiences in which you felt betrayed by Angels, Universe or God. It would be that what you were waiting for did not come, and you may have lost some faith in them.

But there could be blessings in disguise that you received but did not notice. You might not be sincere to your heart back then. Or, it was simply too early to conclude that it did not happen.

I also sometimes became impatient and felt like shouting at Angels and saying that how long do I have to wait for it? And it’s just hard to do nothing but wait (after praying for it, of course)!

I realized then that that’s the last thing I needed to do; doing nothing is not what Angels ask you to do while waiting for the Timing to come.

They advise you to do something and forget about it, i.e., have faith in it.

So, the question is how you can forget about it although you long for it. Definitely, that’s not easy; you’ve got to make some efforts.

What you can be passionate about?

Passion from the Romance Angels Oracle Cards

Other than your dream/desire, you should find something that you can be passionate about. Anything that you can passionately work on and naturally enjoy the process so that you won’t care how long it takes to finish or achieve.

It doesn’t need to be big or one thing; it can be small and multiple. If you think you don’t have any, strive to find it—because your soul needs healthy outlets. Forget about what you “should” do and ask your inner self what it wants.

Waiting for Divine Timing isn’t easy. It does come, however, when you least expect it. Somehow that’s how it works, and it did in my experience.

For that to happen, try to engage yourself in something with joy, and make sure that the joy you feel inside should be real. Then your passion and the joy together will lead you to where your soul wants to be.

Enjoy the process

Following your passion is a sure thing. Having fun isn’t good enough here. Reasons are not necessary. That is something your mind cannot tell you, but your feelings can.

You already have a dream/desire worth waiting for. So, enjoy the process, too. And I believe that that’s the ultimate key to having the Divine Timing come forward✨

Worth Waiting For from the Romance Angels Oracle Cards

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Angel blessings,

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