What Does “Pray” Mean Spiritually?

(First, I’d like to clarify that I am non-denominational, and not recommending any particular religious belief or having one or not having one through this article.)  

Today, I wanted to share why I believe prayers are helpful.

Pray from the Indigo Angel Oracle Cards
“Prayer is an opportunity to lift your vibration higher to the place of wholeness and healing” (from the Indigo Angel Oracle Cards guidebook)

It starts with the fact that everyone has an equal opportunity to receive love and abundance in this Universe. And therefore, there’s no need to fight for them nor compare your quality with others’ to judge the right amount of them.

As long as you clearly show your need for love and abundance to the Universe, God, or angels and ask them for help, you’ll be supposed to receive them. They are unlimited in principle.

If you always remember this principle as is, your thoughts and words will be able to stay or become positive even when it seems very hard to do so.

But you easily forget it…and that’s the reality. Your mind makes you think that you’re unworthy and unforgivable. It recalls past events and old emotions, leading you to a false belief that you are not good enough to receive what you want.

Praying could be your first step towards becoming positive when you are depressed or demotivated. To pray is to find and have hope, and it helps you align your thoughts with God and angels. It will lift up your spirits. And the beauty of prayer is you don’t need anything but can do it anytime, anywhere. It only requires your will.

The turning point in praying that helps manifest your desire is to get your focus away from the past to now.

For example, if you pray, “Angels, please guide me in the right direction to achieve something,” your focus will be on what you can do now rather than what you did or did not. This shift has the power to change the reality in your world, and the angels will help you see all possible options in front of you and the truth that nothing is impossible. 

Self-Forgiveness from the Magical Mermaids & Dolphins Oracle Cards
(From Magical Mermaids & Dolphins Oracle Cards)

Can you let go of old gilt? And can you believe that you’re worthy to receive love and abundance as you are now?

—Yes, of course, you can.

Until you feel gratitude that you are part of this Universe, you may work on releasing unforgiveness (I wrote about how to do it in this article) along with praying.

Thank you for reading till the end, and I hope this will help make your tomorrow a better day!

If you’re struggling to be hopeful, I’m here to help; you are not alone! Please check my reading options and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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Angel blessings,

P. S. I just wanted to tell you why my blog page update has been less than before. It’s because, despite the low frequency of blog updates, I constantly receive reading requests, which keeps me busy. Also, now I make YouTube videos (though it is only for Japanese audiences). So, naturally, my time for blog writing has reduced. And…I’m moving out my place soon…and going to travel to Japan soon…But, no matter how less frequent it will be, I’ll write when I can! Thank you for reading always.💖

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