Two Things to Do When You Want to Invite Abundance to Your Life

Believe it or not, unlimited abundance is what Universe holds for human needs. Like when you are in the shower of sunshine on a sunny day, you are always in the sparkling rain of infinite blessings every day.

But, unfortunately, we are humans who can unknowingly block this heavenly gift against our conscious wishes—and it’s a shame, isn’t it?

The first step to prevent it is to know that no one but you can improve this situation. For that reason, in this post, I’d like to let you know two influential things I want you to pay attention to regularly.

#1 Let Go of Guilt

"Let Go of Guilt" from the Angels of Abundance Oracle Cards
“Learn and grow from past mistakes, instead of berating yourself for them.”

If you can diligently observe your emotions, be it big or small, you will likely find somewhere in your mind a sense of guilt.

Of course, having scruples about what you think you did wrong is not bad; it means you’re a good person. But persistent feelings of shame keep you away from goodness.

For example, the guilt might be about how you talked to your loved one or somebody at work: how you ignored the symptoms of your health issues: or how you spent your free time alone or with your family. Or about the decisions you made for yourself or your child years ago.

No matter how willfully you did or did not do it, it is past, and you cannot change that. But still, you can make things much better in current and future situations.

Instead of allowing regretful and remorseful feelings to sit squarely on your mind, acknowledge their presence, then release them. In many cases, just the recognition would help you to let go of the toxic energy. Awareness has immeasurable power.

Nonetheless, you also may need to learn forgiveness with the ability to let go because I’ve found that these two are inseparable challenges for many of my clients.

#2 Forgive yourself or someone who made you angry

"Forgiveness Heals" from the Archangel Raphael Healing Oracle Cards

Unforgiveness is another roadblock to the abundance to come. When you keep resentments in your heart, you cannot effectively invite good things into your life.

Once, you might have said that you forgave someone for what happened. How awkward the way you did so doesn’t matter to the fact that you did it. However, what about your current sentiment towards it? Has your heart stayed true to it and completely let that fury go? Or has the feeling of bitterness come back? If yes, you need to repeat that process —forgive the person who has upset you.

I believe that knowing guilt and anger can block the heavenly abundance, always available to you, would help you face and work on them. Often it’s not easy, but that’s why this post is not my first one about them but rather a reminder.

Here, I wrote about the power of guilt that my atopy (eczema/ skin allergy) taught me. It is my secret, inbuilt alert system against possessing a feeling of guilt. Also, I shared three perspectives to forgiveness that practically help you to heal your past. No matter how dreadful or unjustifiable things have happened to you, you have the power to change now and future. So, if you haven’t, please read them (, and in case you have any questions, let me know in the comment section)!

Guilt and unforgiveness are undoubtedly heavy energy-blockages. As you release them, blessings will come your way, and your wishes will also come true. I hope that you’ll make that happen. ✨

If you’ve been struggling to forgive someone or let go of old emotions, I’m here to help you with your Angels; please check my reading options; even just one reading has the power to change your life. Don’t be shy to give it a try, as it’s never too late.

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Angel blessings,

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