What Do You Feel From Sunlight?

This year, relatively, I could manage to connect myself directly with nature more than before, and I am grateful for those opportunities. And as the last post of the year, I thought a relationship with nature would be the best topic I could pick up.

As it feels that connecting with nature is already talked about many times, I’d like to write about a personal, spiritual experience with nature. It occurred at the time on a weekend trip to a hill station about five years ago.

I always emphasise the importance and the necessity of getting experience of spiritual things. Your mind can easily get satisfied by reading and hearing them, but that won’t be as powerful as the wisdom you would gain from your own experience.

I hope this post will elaborate on that point.

My perception of connecting with nature and the meaning of it changed after this event; I received invaluable healing that fundamentally changed my experience on mother earth.

Bountiful Nature from the Angels of Abundance Oracle Cards
Bountiful Nature from the Angels of Abundance Oracle Cards

An offsite event on a hill side

My company held an offsite event over a weekend for its 15th anniversary, and about 250 employees participated. I’m usually reluctant to attend this kind of large group gathering. But the destination was on a hill station, and there were some attractions such as zip-lines and bungee jumping on the premises of the resort hotel we stayed in, so I couldn’t resist! 

After the enjoyable breakfast buffet outside in a clean hillside air on the second day, I went for a walk alone, explored a relatively quieter area on the premises, and found a small Hindu temple above the rooftop of a building.

Walking on the paths among elegant and peaceful villas, a little signage on the hedge, “Temple↑,” caught my eye. I got a little excited and proceeded up the narrow stairs next to it, which were just for one person to pass through. It looked like an entrance to some adventure, as I couldn’t see where it led. 

What happened during my meditation at a small temple

A small, square Shiva temple covered with glass appeared when the narrow, twisted stairs came to an end. I ascended a little bit wider marble stairs to the top. The location was as high as a two or three-story building.  

The air and energy were as holy as you expected for a temple. I greeted Lord Shiva from outside as it was locked, sat next to Nandi (the vehicle of Lord Shiva and the gatekeeper of his shrine), and started meditation. 

Lord Ganesh (centre), Sai Baba (far end) and Lingam (on the floor).

The sun was making an appearance over the opposite hill. I could feel a band of faint sunshine on my face. And from the earth beneath me, the energy was rising up and going through my body.

Then quietly but distinctly, I heard a message—“I love you, too.” 

It startled and confused me for a few seconds, but then, an image of my ID card on my neck popped into my mind, and the realisation of who delivered the message hit me. I was taken aback and overflown completely.

Since our accommodation’s premises were quite big, we were given an ID card and obliged to wear it all the time. And there’s a sentence to complete on the card as below:

I love __________ (Please complete this sentence.)

When the card was handed in at the entrance, I completed it with “NATURE” straight away because I was thrilled about entering great nature after so long. But after putting it on my neck, I thought I usually took time for such a question to answer, but oddly enough, I had not that time; it was spontaneous.

It was nature that replied, “I love you, too.” to me, as I had said, “I love nature” first…! 

What nature brought to me

Until that day, I had been feeling sorry for nature and carrying a sense of guilt. I had been doing my best to live a life in an eco-friendly way. But, living in a society where environmental pollution was getting worse everyday never eased my senses. It often reminded me of how harmful humans were to nature (and other creatures) and how selfish we had been. It was a hopeless and invasive thought that parasitised me.

My logical mind had given me a reasonable reason for human existence; humans would have long gone extinct if the earth wanted it to be. We only exist because it allows us to do so—that’s how I convinced myself of the reason for our existence.

And that day, nature took a step to correct this false idea of mine. It gently expressed that it’s not like that—it’s not like nature just lets humans live on it, but it was grateful for having us with it. And it even said to me, “I love you!”

A big chunk of guilty feelings inside me was melting away while I was quietly crying next to Nandi. It was priceless, tremendous healing that I received from nature.

Since then, even in the town, with plenty of sunlight from above and the solid grounds beneath me, I have established a deep connection with nature. And I know that I’m not alone and being a part of this planet. And this connection has become a talisman in my heart. 

Connect with Nature from the Magical Messages from the Fairies Oracle Cards

Connect with Nature—

There’re countless ways to do it. I hope you have a routine for it. But, if you don’t, please try to go barefoot on grass or ground, dip in a river nearby (or touch the water), or hug a large tree wherever possible. It sets me free from worldly matters and adds vigor to me.

Don’t be shy to talk to nature; tell your love💓 It will surely give you back something special like it did to me.

I’m here to help you with your Angels; even just one reading can change your life. Don’t be shy to give it a try—your Angels may be waiting for the very first opportunity to assist you!

And if you’re on Instagram or Facebook, I share spiritual messages between blog posts, so please join me and receive the messages there. If you liked this article, please subscribe to my blog page—you’ll then get the email update.

Angel blessings,

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