What topics will I write about?

Aloha! Thank you for visiting my blog page. This is my second blog. And since I’ve introduced my service Healing Readings in the first one, I thought it reasonable that in this one, I should introduce myself and the topics I’ll be writing about.

I’m Japanese, and I’ve been living in Mumbai, India, since 2010. I’m a systems engineer as well as an oracle card reader. Nalikolehua is my Hawaiian name. (If you’d like to know how I’ve got a Hawaiian name, click here.)

I do travelling that is my soul’s desire for always, yoga that reconnects me to true my self every morning, listening to music that fuels the power to focus in a split second, reading books that keep me away from the digital world, watching movies that take me to a virtual trip, cooking that gets myself grounded, crafts such as knitting and quilting that provides a feeling of accomplishment, and watching sports—like soccer, MotoGP, tennis, and cricket—that stop my busy mind instantly. I am grateful that my family and friends let me enjoy all of these.

I love nature, especially the wind, the ocean, and stars. Swimming in the sea is my most favorite activity. I love animals, of course, especially wild animals (both the dog and cat families equally!)

The Milky way at Mauna Kea in Hawaii
The Milky Way at Mauna Kea in Hawaii Island on 27th March, 2015. Can you spot the Sagittarius?

Until very recently, I used to imagine that I had the same level of interest in everything I liked in the world. However, now I know that although I like many things in the world, I’m primarily interested in only a few—one is the Spirit, and the other, Energy. So, I hope to write about the things that I like, mainly from a spirit or energy perspective.

But before we get on with that, I wonder if you may have found it strange that I’m a professional systems engineer as well as an oracle card reader. Not so long ago, even I thought that these two professions were black and white—the thinking process for engineering is logical while that for oracle card reading is intuitive. However, when I got to think of what made me interested in either of them I realized that they did have something in common. Just as the teenage girl in me was curious to understand the mechanisms of a computer, in my late 20s, the woman in me began wondering about the mechanisms of human beings. I then came to know that while the computer world consists of a chain of ones and zeros, the human world comprises waves of highs and lows. In either case, it’s ultimately the invisible world that the more I knew of it, the more I want to know about it.

My mom tells me that when I was a 3-4-year-old girl, I broke many electronic devices, including an alarm clock, a radio, and a television, none of which I remember at all though! (Back then, it used to be an analog alarm clock, a transistor radio, and a tube television.)

It is obvious to me now that I’m a natural seeker, trying to find how things work. So, it’s no wonder then that I’ve become an oracle card reader, seeking answers.

Also, I have to mention my atopy (eczema), which has been playing an important role in my life. It is a condition that I’ve had since my childhood, for which I had been on medications. But one day, I decided to stop it completely because it was no good and I wanted to believe in my body’s natural healing powers. I was in my late 20s and had suddenly started on my spiritual journey. I’m not sure if my spiritual journey may have reached where I’m standing now had I not been afflicted by atopy. Because in my search for a permanent cure without any medicine, I started practicing yoga, began a vegetarian diet, and moved to an eco-friendly lifestyle. I consider these three aspects of my life an essential to maintain my physical and mental health, and to boost my spiritual journey. Not surprisingly since then, my life has transformed completely, and I became highly energy-sensitive.

Through my blogs, I’d like to share some of the important lessons I’ve learned from these changes in my life, as well as the real experiences I’ve encountered in this lifetime’s journey. So, I hope you visit my blogs. It would be wonderful if you find in my pages a tip or two that helps you create your desired life in a way that you desire.


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