Which oracle card decks do I use?

Which oracle card decks do I use? ~ Healing Readings with NalikolehuaAloha! In the last couple of my blog posts, I have talked about my services in detail:
❊ Behind the Scenes at Healing Readings
❊ A tool that leads you in the direction you need to head: Oracle cards
❊ About accuracy of Healing Readings

Today, let me introduce you to the oracle card decks that I use. I am actually drawn to the oracle cards of Le Petit Prince—because they are so pretty! (By the way, a Japanese production issued them just ten days ago). But I’ll focus on talking about my current lovely decks so that you may get to know more about oracle/angel cards and your reading options. Although I choose card decks listening to your angels’ suggestions, I can choose a particular deck of your liking for your reading.

Ascended Masters Oracle Cards
This is my first oracle card deck, which I’m most familiar with. Unlike other angel oracle cards, you receive straightforward, prophecy-like messages. When you simply want to be told what to do for yourself, this deck is just perfect. The deck includes 44 male and female cross-cultured deities, such as Ganesha, Merlin, Saint-German, Jesus, Yogananda, and Amaterasu.

Energy Healing from Merlin of the Ascended Masters Oracle CardsCome Out of the Closet from Amaterasu of the Ascended Master Oracle Cards

Archangel Oracle Cards
This consists of 45 cards comprising 15 archangels’ inspirational messages. The archangels are from ancient spiritual Jewish, Cabalistic, Christian, Catholic, and Islamic practices, texts, and beliefs. You receive encouraging advice at all times. Archangels are messengers from the Creator and non-denominational angels, so you can call upon them freely. (One of my memorable cards is from this deck Moon Cycle the card from Archangel Haniel. It was a repeat card for me and I wrote about the experience at the about page).

Angel Feather Oracle Cards
This deck brings you 44 different colored feathers along with associated messages from your angels and provides a unique combination of ‘color energy’ and ‘angelic guidance.’ The messages from this deck are down-to-earth. Also, this deck has “Yes/Maybe/No” cards so you may solve those tricky Yes or No questions.

Indigo Angel Oracle Cards
I love this deck because of their beautiful artwork and direct messages. Indigo angel oracle cards may answer the true “hidden” questions within your heart, which may differ from the superficial question you ask—because we’re sometimes afraid to ask for what we truly desire. With this one, you can’t ignore the truth you need to know; it may require a little digging into what’s going on inside you when you receive a message.
You are special from Indigo Angel Oracle Card
There was an emotional reading I did once with this deck. A friend of mine had lost her mother a month before I did her reading. She had a few questions that she wanted to ask her mom, and so she wanted me to ask them. At the moment I began the reading, I was called to use the Indigo angel oracle cards. But, I thought it wasn’t suited to answer her questions and used other decks. Somehow, even after I got her questions answered, I still had a strong feeling of being called by this deck. I used it and asked the angels for a message for my friend from her mom. It was the You Are Special card that I pulled, and tears ran down my cheeks as I received her emotions as well. Her mother wanted to tell her that she was an extremely special daughter. It was a very powerful message I received. Till date, whenever I pick up a card from this deck, there’s a significant meaning I find in the messages. 

This deck is kind of special to me, as I am an Indigo. Let me see when I can talk about Indigos in detail.

Angel Tarot Cards
This 78-card deck retains the ancient divination methods that Tarot cards have. The creators of Angel Tarot Cards did not want to frighten card users by the original Tarot card images, so they reinterpreted those intimidating images and words and replaced them with gentle ones. In contrast to the Indigo angel oracle cards, each individual tarot card has multiple possible meanings. So, a card reader needs to appropriately interpret a reading intuitively.

Did you see each deck’s originality? Is there any particular deck that has drawn your attention? In addition to these five decks, I have the following decks and will l introduce them at the next opportunity!
– Life Purpose Oracle Cards
– Archangel Raphael Healing Oracle Cards
– Romance Angels Oracle Cards

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