What do you need to know? —Messages from Angel cards

Aloha! Today I’m going to introduce you to the three Angel card decks that I couldn’t introduce in my last blog post.

What I like the most about Angel card readings is that it gives me the most needed information at that moment—without having to think about anything in particular before asking for guidance.

And since I’m anyway writing about cards, I asked the angels and spiritual guides for messages for the people reading this blog post so that you may find something you can take away from this article.

Let’s look at the cards that I pulled for you from the following decks:

  • Life Purpose Oracle Cards
  • Archangel Raphael Healing Oracle Cards
  • Romance Angels Oracle Cards
Options: Consider the career possibilities that are open to you from Life Purpose Oracle Cards

Life Purpose Oracle Cards
This deck helps you realize and recognize your life purpose or mission in this lifetime. Usually, your life purpose is related to your interests, but it may not be directly related to your current career or job. And, here are three cards for you from this deck:

Options: This card tells you that you have more options than you think or realize. You may feel limited, but the angels want to tell you that your possibilities are unlimited.
Family: Your life purpose or mission has to do with your family or friends. They are in the center of your heart. Also, this card may imply that some forgiveness will benefit everyone concerned.
Study: This card encourages you to pursue your interest in studies. Pay attention to repetitive thoughts and ideas about taking classes, reading a book, or any form of research.

Family card from the Life Purpose Oracle Card

Archangel Raphael Healing Oracle Cards
This is the deck of the health consultant Archangel Raphael. You get very simple direct messages to abstract but meaningful ones. I pulled the following two cards as guided by the angels:

Avoid Allergens: These days, because of the modern lifestyle and disordered eating, you may intake toxic substances beyond your tolerance. Also, people who emit harsh, negative, or heavy energy are possible allergens. This card reminds you that you’re sensitive and that you need to review possible allergens.
Organic Foods: You are guided to organic foods by this card because you’re sensitive to chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizer.

Organic Foods from Archangel Raphael Healing Oracle Cards

I was actually very surprised to see these two cards— although they are deeply related to my lifestyle. I have atopy (skin allergy) and consume organic foods and products. And so, I’ve been conscious and careful about allergens and foods and need not receive a reminder; I have never picked up those two cards for myself. This proves that the two cards are truly meant for you, who are reading this blog post.

Benefits of buying organic foods are not only for you but farmers and the mother Earth. It supports and protects them from harmful chemicals.

Personally, that is a big reason to choose organic products. I cannot survive without foods, but I cannot grow vegetables; my life relies heavily upon farmers. I want to protect them from harmful chemicals and also pay respect to them—by buying their products, and which is the only way I can think of doing so in everyday life.

Romance Angels Oracle Cards
Needless to say, as the name tells you, this deck is of cherubic angels, the experts on romantic relationships. You may want to ask “Will I find a new love?,” “Is he/she the one for me?,” or “When will I meet my soul mate?” The angels are willing to answer these questions. Let me pull three cards for you as guided.

New Love, Past-Life Relationship, and Soul Mate

Oh my goodness! We got all the questions I mentioned as examples answered, and on top of that all the answers are positive.

You’ll find a new love, you have known each other before (as the Past-Life Relationship card describes), and you’ll meet your soul mate sooner or later. What a perfect set of messages! I am sure that the angels are encouraging and supporting you in your romantic relationship right now.

Hope there’ something for you in this blog post.

New Love card from the Romance Angels Oracle Cards

If you’d like to receive personal messages, check the Healing Reading options here and send your request from the Request page. I’d love to hear from you.

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    1. I’ve read your comment, using Google Translate 🙂 Yes, asking Angles for help is abundantly available, so why not. Hope your injury will get healed completely soon. Please take care.


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