Are you going with the flow? Maybe or Yes?

Aloha! Today, I’d like to write about my motto: Going with the flow—living life as if you’re riding on a wave.

Why is this my motto?

Because that seems to be one of the key assignments of our soul lessons for living a meaningful life. Each of us has soul lessons that we all learn about love by doing assignments, and we are not born to experience difficulties or feel distressed (I wrote more about this in: How to be more satisfied with your life?). When you’re going with the flow, there is no struggle or pain in living life, and you feel secure and content, knowing that you’re on the right path towards your goal.

Go with the flow like sea turtles!
Honu (sea turtle) is my aumakua (a deified ancestor in Hawaiian mythology) 💙

How can we go with the flow?

You first tell yourself that you’ve chosen to go with the flow and stop struggling unnecessarily then observe what comes your way. It is actually that simple (but, yes, it is easier said than done)!

An interesting episode often reminds me of this motto. It happened when I was considering buying a new laptop; my 6-year-old Panasonic Let’s Note laptop was on its last breath.

I was a Windows user, but I had been interested in Mac computers for years. For quite some time, I thought of the pros and cons of acquiring a Mac computer. After all, I couldn’t make up my mind, and I went shopping with a friend of mine, who’s a MacBook user.

We visited the Apple store and other shops, and after a couple of rounds of discussion with my friend, I decided to get a Windows laptop. The salesperson was about to start  setting up the laptop for me, when he noticed that the laptop had actually been reserved for someone else, and it was the last piece. I was told that a new one could be delivered from another branch within an hour.

I then thought that this may be a sign. I asked the salesperson to let me think about it once again and left the shop.

The Windows laptop was not the problem. It’s just that the decision had been made by my left brain: The price of a new MacBook was almost quadruple that of the Windows laptop. But, the fact was that I had kept saying that I would choose Mac next time whenever I discussed laptops with friends. And, now I was about to buy another Windows laptop.

Yes or Maybe ~ The Angel Feather Oracle
Always seek YES! for you. The Teal Angel Feather is as a symbol of “acknowledgement”, and the Grey Angel Feather is as a symbol of “neutrality” (from the Angel Feather Oracle).

I was confused and asked my Angel if Windows was the right choice: I pulled a card out of three cards: Yes, No, or Maybe, and the answer was Maybe.

Then, my friend said, “It’s about what you want. You want Mac or not. That’s it.”

She was convincing enough for me to finally choose Mac. In fact, I wanted it very badly. Yet, for the sake of reconfirmation, I asked my Angel, this time, if Mac was the right choice: The answer was indeed Yes! I happily went back to the Apple store and purchased it.

That’s how I acquired my current lovely business partner.

Accept life as it is! ~The Angel Feather Oracle
The Blue Angel Feather is presented as a symbol of “contentment”. When you develop the ability to “go with the flow” you become fully present in every moment of your life (from the Angel Feather Oracle).

Looking back now, the reason I couldn’t choose Mac over Windows in the first place was that I wasn’t sure I deserved such an expensive and attractive computer. And, I now know that the moment when I can be sure that I deserve it will never come—unless I believe I deserve what I want. You cannot receive and accept what you think you don’t deserve; that’s the universal law.

If I had not allowed myself to get a MacBook, I would have retained a low self-esteem that would have kept whispering in my ear for years that I don’t deserve what I want. By giving myself permission to buy a MacBook, I gained warmth in my heart. When I sit in front of, open, and work on my Apple, I feel joy.

When something doesn’t go smoothly, you should have a doubt that you may not be on the right path. You should ask yourself if you’re really doing what you desire and believe in your value: seek “Yes!” for yourself, and do not develop a low self-esteem with “Maybe.”

You may sometimes have to duck and wait for a smoother ride like sea turtles do, but, it is worth waiting for.

If you need any help in believing your value, I’d be happy to assist you with your Guardian Angels. Check the Healing Reading Options here. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Mahalo (Thank you)!

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