How you can do a life purpose reading

Aloha! At the end of last year, I wrote about how to be more satisfied with your life. Through that blog post, I wanted to tell you the significance of being aware of your life purpose.

Today, let me introduce you to a spread for a life purpose reading, as I’d like to tell you more about life purposes in detail by the spread. There are always multiple ways of doing a reading; however, this spread would give you great clarity of your life purpose, so I like and often use it.

This spread is a five-card spread (the back image of the cards below is the one of Life Purpose oracle cards);Life purpose angel card spread

1. Your life purpose in your family/community:

You may say this is your given role in your family or community. It is believed that your soul actually chooses your parents as your parents before you’re born.That’s related to this life purpose—as you grow up, you learn important life lessons that you can take only from your family; your family is the best environment for your spiritual growth.

If you have a family issue, you can think of your role in your family, instead of seeing yourself as a victim (because, eventually, that’s not the case). You have the power to play your role. Believe in yourself and focus upon your role. You know what you’ll get by doing that. It would be priceless.

2. Basis of the situation:

Basis or cause of the current situation and/or the immediate past with respect to the situation.

3. Current situation in relation to your life’s purpose:

How you’re living your life to serve your life purpose or connect with your life purpose. It tells you if you’re on the right path or what to do for living your life purpose.

4. Your personal life purpose:

Your personal life lessons for your spiritual growth. The one your soul wants to master this lifetime.

You better think about what your personal life’s purpose if you haven’t done it yet. Because, ultimately, it’ll be the one you’ll have to think about when you’re dying. How much time you have till that day depends on you. But, ideally, what you’d like to do and what you do today should be related to your life purpose so that you feel content and peaceful when you go to bed, knowing unconsciously that you’re closer to the inner peace that you want on your last day.

This is your life’s purpose from Archangel Michael
You can use the prayer on the card above for asking for the guidance from Archangel Michael.

5. Global life purpose:

You may say this is your given role on Mother Earth. Your soul chose to come to Earth to master something for your spiritual growth. Playing this role would help you to find and connect with like-minded people, and with them, you can grow spiritually.

Also, you should know that Earth needs you to play that role—because that’s why you’re here! You’re meant to be here on this planet. For example, bringing peace to the people around you (and it would spread naturally to others around those around you!), protecting natural environments and those for animals, and inspiring others by pursuing your passion about education for children.


I repeat that you better think about your life’s purpose if you haven’t. It’s not only food for thought but also definitely more than that.

You can ask your Guardian Angels what your life’s purpose is. Archangel Michael also knows your life purpose, so you can call upon Archangel Michael too. Sit and quiet your mind and ask for the information.

You don’t necessarily need the Life purpose oracle cards to do a life purpose reading; you may want to try it with any oracle or angel cards.

If you’d like me to do your life purpose reading, I would be happy to help. Check the Healing Reading options and send your request. I’m looking forward to your reading.

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3 thoughts on “How you can do a life purpose reading

    1. Hello Harley, Tarot cards and oracle cards are technically different, however, spreads can be used for both, and here’s my explanation of the difference:
      “Have you heard of oracle cards or tarot cards? Oracle cards are like the children of tarot cards. Parents are well disciplined, have rules, don’t mind wearing uniforms, and have a deep knowledge of the lights and shadows of life. However, children would rather love freedom and uniquely designed clothes, yet they certainly inherit the wisdom from their parents. The differences between tarot and oracle cards are just like that and, though their styles are different, they were created for the same purpose —to deliver guidance to people.” (cited from my blog post: What is Healing Reading?)


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