Let’s not carry unwanted feelings into a new year!

Let Go ~ Magical Messages from the Fairies Oracle Cards
“As you surrender the need to control, your relaxed energy rapidly attracts your desired.”

Aloha! It’s already in the middle of December. Time flies. As we welcome a new year, it would be better to clear our energies; I hope that today’s article would encourage you to clean up your mind and not to carry unwanted feelings into a new year.

Letting go of your negative emotions helps not only you to move forward in any situation but also your prayers to be answered.

Let Go ~ Life Purpose Oracle Cards
Let Go: Walk away from the situation that first came into your head in order to resolve it.

Usually, there are a lot of things that you cannot control, and reasons behind the scene that you cannot know, and other people; after all, you cannot know what is going on in their lives.

And there are many angelic beings in solving your situation who are seeking the best harmonious solution for everyone involved. Their abilities to find a solution are beyond your imagination—as their resources are unlimited unlike ours.

That is exactly why you should let go of the need to control and let “them” handle the situation. Just let go of your anger or fear to the Heaven and angelic beings.

Letting go of anger is not the same as forgiving someone or something that upset you. Letting go is an attitude that tells the Heaven that you’ve decided to spend time on more meaningful things than blaming.

Let Go of Fear Now ~Archangel Michael Oracle Cards
You may call upon Archangel Michael to clearing you of heavy, toxic feelings.

Instead of struggling with a situation, you let go of the struggle and reassure that you’ll bring about a more favorable outcome; you will then appreciate yourself when you realize what you received by doing so.

Letting go of anxiety or fear and being optimistic is another attitude that shows your faith to Angels. Now, trust that you deserve what you want in life.

If you need personal assistance to let go of any unwanted feelings, I’m here to help you with your Guardian Angels; please check my reading options!

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