Detach from the situation

Today I’d like to tell you the spiritual truth.

The truth that you’re capable of manifesting all that you can imagine—if you are truly yourself. And therefore, you’re not supposed to suffer to get what you want to achieve.

When you’re having a rough time or an uneasy feeling, you have to remember this fact and detach from the drama which is nothing but a story in your mind.

Detach from the Situation from Archangel Michael ~ Archangel Michael Oracle Cards

Disconnecting you from the surrounding emotions is the first step to getting back on the track. Any situation or drama in which you don’t feel centered is a distraction. The distraction from your life purposes, and the distraction from realizing who you really are.

Think this way—it is not same as escaping. You don’t abandon responsibility but calm down, take back your true self by staying away from it. After that, you’ll be able to think much more clearly than when you were in it.

And know that you’re able to come up with a creative, positive solution when your mind is peaceful and that you don’t need to tear yourself apart to deal with the situation—the one with the harsh reality and the other with your ideal, spiritual world. Just try to be your whole self all the time.

On this polarized world, it is tough but worth doing.

You may ask Archangel Michael for help when you’d like to detach from any drama or situation. You can call upon him anytime and anywhere.

Prayer: Archangel Michael, I ask you to use your flaming sword to cut any attachment to fear or drama so that I may be centered in the knowingness that peace is everywhere within me and this situation.

Believe it or not, we all are here to make positive changes on this planet.

When things work out well with you, it’s not a product of chance. That’s what it’s supposed to be. Knowing this spiritual truth and realizing that is true, you’ll be able to stay as powerful, beautiful, and peaceful as you can.

I hope this article helps you look up and move on, but if you need personal assistance to do it, let me and your Guardian Angels help you; please check my reading options.

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