Do we really need to know how we can manifest our thoughts?

Today, I’d like to write about what manifestation is—because I would like you to understand what really it is.

Manifest from Indigo Angel Oracle Cards

Because you’re reading this blog post, I believe that you want more or less to change, improve, or make something happen in your life.

But, just reading or hearing Angelic messages or daily card readings by someone does not really help your situation. Why?—Tony Robbins says knowledge is nothing without execution, and which I think is true.

Angels are not Santa Claus. To take in the messages, you need listening to and understanding, not just hearing them. To apply the guidance you’ve read, you need taking action based on it.

When it comes to manifestation, the fact is that your energy—your thoughts and feelings—is affecting the reality because of the Law of Manifestation.

Knowing and accepting this fact, only if you could look around and observe what is happening, considering yourself to be the conductor orchestrating things in your life, you would understand how manifestation is taking place in the real world.

And, in terms of the execution of manifestation, what you can do is nothing but taking control of your mind.

Watch Your Thoughts from Magical Mermaids and Dolphins

If you have not just skimmed through but carefully read this blog post till here, you must already know the answer to the title of this blog post: do we really need to know how we can manifest our thoughts? No – it is not what we need to know; what we must realize is that the manifestation itself is in God’s hands and thoughts are in our hands.

If you see synchronistic events, signs, or favorable outcomes that you never imagined how those could happen, then you know that you’re on the right path. If you don’t, watch your thoughts—as you always have a choice, to create a happy thought or destroy the idea.

If you struggle to take control of your mind, let me and your Guardian Angels help you; please check my reading options.

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