Who are you? What are you living for?—Remember Who You Are

In today’s article, I’d like to give you a little nudge of encouragement to imagine the last day of your life, regardless of your age. And the reason why I’m going to write this because I believe that the sooner you start imagining how you’d feel on your last day, the more you’ll likely be able to achieve what really matters to you (I don’t mean that you should only live for the moment, though).

If I ask you what you are living for, can you easily answer it? Also, imagine when someone asks you, “Who is she (a friend of yours)?” what will your answer be? You’d probably say something in addition to her name.

Can you imagine your description when someone asks someone about you?

Are you aware of what shapes your description of who you are? We know that it shouldn’t be other people’s opinion on how you look. Then, what it could be?

How about the things which you’ve done or not done? Are you afraid of being judged by those? If so, it’d be better for you to know the reason now; ask yourself why and listen to your inner voice. If it replies that “I cannot die now because I want to finish what I’m doing right now!”, that sounds good – as you’re probably on the right path; you’re aware of what you’re doing. But, if the voice says something like “I have yet to do something meaningful (or important) to me,” then you may want to write it down so that you can start working on it immediately.

How about the way you’ve done or not done those things?

Thinking of your answer about the friend that someone asked you who she was, you may notice that her attitude contributed to her description. I feel that how matters more than what to most of us. The way you take care of things or people differentiates you from others. For this reason, there’s no need to worry even if you haven’t achieved or can’t achieve everything you wanted before you die; just keep doing things your way.

The spiritual truth is that you’re capable of achieving what your soul desires, and at the same time, you have the freedom to decide how you do it.

Remember Who You Are from Archangel Michael of Archangel Oracle Cards
Archangel Michael: “You are a powerful, loving, and creative child of God. You are very loved.”

My personal opinion is how you lived and, possibly, what drove your life will be retained in people’s memory. And based on that, people will describe you as a person after you left this planet.

Can you say that people are seeing your true self in the way you’re living right now?

I hope this article has encouraged you to live your life your own way✨

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