What to do when you feel lost

When you feel lost, what do you do? In my case, I try to find inner peace; today, I’m going to write about it as I believe that finding and maintaining inner peace is the key to being yourself in any circumstances. And, that’d be the best option we have when we need to take back ourselves.

Trust from Indigo Angel Oracle Cards
The sphere the angel is holding looks metaphor for inner peace to me.

Once you find and recognize inner peace within you, you will not only feel empty, loneliness, or disconnectedness but be able to enjoy freedom and solitude. Identifying the happiness you feel is real or temporary would also become easy; you won’t be mistakenly led to addiction or harmful relationships with inner peace.

Inner peace is not relative but absolute; you will know what it is when found.

“Do not let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace.” —Dalai Lama

Once you’ve found it, your breath will become slower and deeper; you’ll feel centered and peaceful, and your mind will become quiet but know what to do. You even feel just fine with doing nothing.

Here’re the three things to do I think to be on the right path to inner peace:

    1. Going with the flow / Accepting what is

      Accept life as it is! from the Angel Feather OracleStop doing what you were struggling with: searching for reasons, explaining, and blaming. Stop reacting to things or people (I’ve written about an episode of me going with the flow here: Are you going with the flow? Maybe or Yes? Please have a read so you’ll have a practical visualization of going with the flow).

    2. Meditating / Breathing

      Meditation and breath is something that we all can do anywhere without any equipment; it’s all about your intention—the intention to take back your true self when you feel lost. You hold onto that intention and remember to breathe deeply and meditate as long as you can.

      Meditation from the Archangel Raphael Healing Oracle Cards
      “Meditation simply means focusing your mind consciously, either on a peaceful thought or positive intention.”

      There’re many benefits that meditation brings about. And one of them is that you can create a new reality for yourself—the reality that you desire to live in; take a deep breath or meditate as often as possible until you feel just fine.

    3. Reading books

      You may intuitively select a book that calls to you, and you will find answers and direction for your right path. Follow your intuition and have faith in choosing a book to read. When your mind keeps chattering, books will bring about rest.

      Heart's Desires from Life Purpose Oracle Cards

I would like to ask you that no matter what happens, you never lose hope. Seek and find inner peace. Living with inner peace will help you achieve what your soul desires to deliver in this world; it will surely bring you joy in the end.

I pray for you to find inner peace when needed; however, if you need help, I will be there for you always: you may consider Indigo Healing Reading for any particular question or concern.

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