Are you aware of who can protect your sensitivity?

Do you respect your sensitivity instead of complaining about it or feeling flawed? Today, I’d like to tell you about how important taking care of your sensitivity is and how you can protect it.

Sensitivity is a natural gift, not a flaw. It really is, and you’ll be able to gain huge self-confidence if you can accept your physical and mental sensitivities, not as a fault, but as a part of your true self.

If you’re sensitive and not confident about yourself right now, please read this post until the end.

Sensitivity from Archangel Haniel of Archangels Oracle Cards

How to handle your sensitivity

#1 Respect

To respect them, you stop putting yourself in danger by yourself: you avoid and keep a distance from what inspires fear as much as possible. If you can do that, you’ll feel safe, relaxed, and stop making fear-based decisions; you’ll become closer to what you desire, not fear.

Despite the fact that you are sensitive not because you are weak, many of you who are sensitive also perhaps think that you’re vulnerable because of sensitivity.

Now, you should know that that is wrong and that sensitivity is a gift and you only have greater sensitivity than those who don’t. Furthermore, your gifts always have to do with your life purposes; for this reason, it’s even crucial to respect and cherish them.

#2 Protect

As all of us is unique, the way of protecting sensitivity is different for each person. It is only you that who knows what scares, frightens, and disgusts you, and that who can protect you from those things.

You might think of what they are, and how you can avoid and prevent you from them. Do it now: take action to protect yourself. If you really have no clue on how to do it, ask Angels for help (they may respond you very quickly; be focused and don’t miss it)!

Sensitivity from Life Purpose Oracle Cards
“You’re becoming more sensitive and need to make changes accordingly.”

#3 Do not lie to yourself

It’s important to assure yourself that you’ll be on your side all the time from now on✨ Your heart is always aware of what you do to yourself; do not betray.

For example, when you’re invited to a party, knowing that your energy would get drained, or your stomach would be upset with the food served over there, going to that party could not be an option.

In spite of that, if you would attend it and try to justify your choice with the ego whispering that “I should be going because it’s not only me who doesn’t wanna go” or “I should go, or I’d get into a trouble,” that’d be a treacherous act. Your soul knows what it desires and doesn’t; justifying your behaviour wouldn’t work but rather only hurt you.

All you have to do is to respect your feelings; when you’re not willing to go, don’t go. You may say no just because you don’t feel like doing so (but, if it’d be easier, you may tell a white lie).

Observe consequences

Once you begin to take action to guard your sensitivities, you’ll see who are supportive and respect your feelings and choices; and you’ll know whom you want to be around. If you can surround yourself with the people who accept you for who you are, securing your sensitiveness would be much easier.

Besides, you might be easily able to develop self-confidence, find a new goal, and feel like sharing it with your new friends, who will support you to make it happen!

You might feel that you would have become a different person by then. But, that’d be the real you✨

I hope this article would reach and help sensitive people to love their true selves and live with their life purposes.

If you’d like to get some help in respecting and protecting your sensitivities, I will be happy to help you: you may consider Indigo Healing Reading to receive guidance from your guardian angels.

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