Three things to do to become a soul voice listener ~ Work with Archangel Uriel

Today, I’d like to write about why you must master listening to your soul’s voice and how you can do that.

As long as you follow that voice, you will not regret what you did or did not. You may already know this principle in your heart, but also, I believe that everybody wants to feel contentment and have no regrets when you take your last breath.

But, how often do you regret having or not having done something? And when it happens, if not often, do you know why you regret? —Yes, I’ve already mentioned the answer to this question – that’s because mostly you must have ignored the whisper in your head. The subtle voice of your soul.

Brilliant Idea from Archangel Uriel of Archangel Oracle Cards
Archangel Uriel is the angel you may call upon when you need ideas or intellectual guidance.

Life goes on (or it might end suddenly), and now will become future without fail. So it’d be better for you to start focusing on living a moment with no regrets—if you haven’t. The sooner is the better—especially if you have a lot of things that you want to achieve; now, I’d like to share with you how.

But before getting into that, one more thing to mention.

As I already repeated twice, you will have no regret and be able to achieve more than you think if you listen to and follow that voice. Nonetheless, many of us tend to forget and eventually ignore it, and that’s because your subconscious mind hasn’t yet taken in this information.

So let me repeat here again that “you will not regret but achieve more as long as you listen to the voice of your soul” so that it will sink into your subconscious mind (as repetition helps to do it).

Claircognizance from Archangel Uriel of Archangel Oracle Cards
When your mind is busy, call upon Archangel Uriel to clear it and help you to receive his guidance through your intuition.

#1: Decide to be the captain of your soul

First, you should discard the illusion that someone will lead you to the right place, and secondly, know the fact that you are the only person who has the compass to the right place for you; and the most accurate compass that is.

I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul.

– by William Ernest Henley, which inspired Nelson Mandela while in prison

This is my favorite quote; take full responsibility for your fate and soul.

#2: Know that only you know the right place for you

Life is made up of an enormous amount of decisions.

If it’s not the voice of your soul, based on what do you make decisions to take action? Could it be common sense or ideas of someone else you may trust more than you? Or rather, do you prefer letting someone to steer your life?

But if the information doesn’t come from you, don’t you think that relying on someone else’s ideas will result in causing uncertainty? And, don’t you get bothered by your judgemental thoughts that the decision/action was right or wrong?

Well, it seems that you’ll end up questioning yourself and feel anxious until you take the helm!

#3: Challenge your intuition to fully trust

Now, do you think you won’t ignore it any longer? Or, if you’re still not sure of it, you must be afraid to believe in you and your soul. If so, I don’t ask you to follow it with fear; let me help you to let that fear go first.

Since the voice of your soul often comes through your intuition, you may test it until you feel comfortable in doing so; challenge and prove it to yourself that it’s trustworthy.

When you’ve heard the voice of your soul or got a gut feeling, make a conscious decision based on that, take action, and then find a result.

I hope your intuition will turn out to be reliable and you will be able to trust that.

(To avoid making fear-based decisions, please have a read of this article: What you should know to realize your wish.)

You know what to do from Archangel Uriel of Archangel Oracle Cards
Whenever you need guidance to become a soul voice listener, ask Archangel Uriel for his help!

You are born with an ability to live as who you are; and to activate it, not just hearing but listening to your soul’s voice is essential.

It’s not that I don’t consider others’ ideas at all, but I do only when my soul suggests the same. After I started listening to that small voice in my head, I felt much lighter, and my life has become simple because decision-making become easy. A fact is we are making decisions all the time. So it has made quite an impact on my life, and now I have much more time for what I care.

You will not regret but achieve more as long as you listen to the voice of your soul.

– Nalikolehua

Since you now know why and how, I hope you want to and will become a soul voice listener. And if you need personal help in doing so, I am here to help you with Angels; please check my Healing reading options.

Also, last but certainly not least, call upon Archangel Uriel when you need help in listening to the voice of your soul (please look at the three cards from him I put in this article).

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