How do we want to grow continuously and spiritually?

Today, let me share with you my thoughts around how we can grow continuously and spiritually.

At the beginning of this year, I wrote a blog article: Have you not fallen into pitfalls of spiritual care? If you haven’t yet read it, I want you to make time for it, but in that article, I shared the details of two common pitfalls that people who’re working on spiritual growth tend to fall in. And one of them was hidden in positive thinking and the Law of Attraction, created by a false belief that being negative is not good.

As we all know, life is bittersweet. It’s never only sweet or bitter. The world we’re living in always shows two different, opposing states together: light and dark, high and low, and within and beyond, etc. 

Lessons and Blessings from Past Life Oracle Cards
Once you learn important lessons, which will bring blessings to your life!

So, naturally, we can get confused or lost easily; some may (or want to) believe that pursuing only the good is the right thing to do and ignore the dark side of this world as if it doesn’t exist. Or, if you’re sensitive, you may wish to become numb to escape from continuous pulls in opposing directions. However, accepting one side of this world or wanting to relinquish your invaluable sensitivity is not the way to go.

In this polarized planet, we want to look for the neutral, balanced position. The journey to find it can be facilitated by the willingness to understand each; and that journey itself is more or less our life itself. It’s not necessary to experience the extremes, but discovering the well-balanced place would require a deep understanding of what each half has to offer. And if you’ve already experienced some sort of extremes, you surely know that it gives you more lessons than what shallower experience could do.

Though I’m not against the Oneness concept, now I come to think of it, it’s better to forget about that idea—as it isn’t something achievable for most of us. It would rather prevent us from learning about the negative side and cause something like the pitfalls that I mentioned earlier in this blog post.

To know the best standing position to achieve self-realization in this world, that is to say, to freely live as who we are, we must live in and experience both the bright and shadowy world. And how much light or dark side we need to go through may probably depend on our souls’ missions of this lifetime.

This Is Your Life’s Purpose from Archangel Michael Oracle Cards
It is Archangel Michael who knows your life’s purpose other than your Guardian Angels.

Difficult times teach you the hard side as good times does the same for the soft side. Knowing this simple principle may encourage you to find the hope in the darkness and notice the shade of the light. And what we must focus on is to act ourselves through the ups and downs. As our focus remains the same in daily life, the fear against the unknowns begins to fade, and your self-realization starts to take off. As a result, the time of being at the neutral state of mind is getting longer, and which enables you to work on self-realization more.

I believe that this is the kind of process we all have to go through to grow continuously and spiritually. What do you think?

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2 thoughts on “How do we want to grow continuously and spiritually?

  1. The heavyness on my soul is manny times so exhostec,i asked for the truth, and i was blind, now i can see, the lies i am living in, beiing tricked by my boyfriend ,believing him in everything and slowley sufecate, now,i truly ask for peace,air,silence, creativity,i thank Angel Michael for all the standby’s in this journey of truth, thank you 🤲☀️💗🙏


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