Have you not fallen into pitfalls of spiritual care?

In this blog post, let me share with you common pitfall traps that people who care about their spiritual needs tend to fall in.

In my service Healing Readings, I aim at not only answering to your question but also delivering spiritual guidance with which you’ll get to experience and learn how to fulfill your soul’s needs. And since angels deliver a lot of wisdom of having a meaningful life, I’ve been sharing it on this blog page so that you can make use of it for your spiritual care, which is to grow and satisfy your soul.

Talk to Your Angels from Life Purpose Oracle Cards
Talk to your angels – instead of worrying, ask for Divine guidance!

Through the communication with my clients though, I began to notice that there’re a few, very tricky, pitfalls that my clients easily fall into – especially those who are seriously working on spiritual growth. It’s not funny that what you’re doing is leading to an adverse result, believing that you’re doing right!

Knowing where traps exist, you’ll be able to watch out for and avoid falling into them; so I’m going to write about two significant pitfalls that I’ve found so far.

#1 A pitfall hidden in positive thinking and the Law of Attraction

Have you had that moment when you thought you shouldn’t have felt bad as soon as you felt so? Or, have you got even depressed because you were disgusted with your thought like “Am I feeling down for something like this?”

Positive Thoughts Create Positive Results from Archangel Michael Oracle Cards
“Positive Thoughts Create Positive Results” from Archangel Michael

Let me revisit now the basics of positive thinking and the Law of Attraction.

If you always complain about what you don’t have and are not grateful for what you do have, there’ll be no happy days which is the consequence of having a happy moment.
To be happy in this moment, you can be grateful for what you have and “positive” about things – being positive and positive thinking would likely be suggested in this kind of situation.

And by the Law of Attraction which is the Law of Vibration, that positive thought attracts another thought that is its vibrational match. And those combined thoughts will attract another one; and this will continue until the thoughts will eventually become powerful enough to manifest your desire – this is why it is said that having a positive way of thinking leads you to your dream.

However, it is not that you won’t make it because you feel bad or get hurt by someone’s harsh words like “you will be useless outside the company!”. It’s perfectly okay that you get upset over offensive words and actions, and very normal that you feel depressed if someone said terrible things to you.

In fact, you’ll suffer from another problem if you suppress your emotions.

Emotional Healing from the Magical Messages from the Fairies Oracle Cards
Don’t hold your emotions until they become old enough to be worked on!

This pitfall was created by a false belief that being negative is not good; abandon this idea right now, and instead, remember that all of your emotions need to be accepted. Feelings and emotions are, in truth, playing a key role on your spiritual path and directly connected to your raison d’être (if you’re curious to know more about that direct connection, have a read this: How to be more satisfied with your life? ~Life-Purpose Reading).

For this reason, be careful to not lie to yourself by saying or thinking something contrary to your true feelings, or else you’ll unconsciously reject yourself.

And when you’ve got emotional:

  • Don’t follow your mind
  • Let your emotions flow freely – until the flow becomes still

It’s important to let them flow until you feel completely fine. Once suppression went away, you will be naturally able to go forward. If you won’t, you still likely hold some emotions to let go.

#2 A pitfall hidden in “Everything Happens for a Reason”

Are you not forcing yourself to do something unpleasant or even painful – because you believe that the situation is happening for a reason?

“Everything Happens for a Reason” can be true and there are lessons that make your soul grow in everything. But those lessons may not be what you expect. For example, you’ve chosen a dance class (as you wanted to learn it for a long time) but the teacher has turned out arrogant and abusive; when students make a mistake, he blasts and repeats harsh words. Your divine lesson in this situation is, however, most probably not to bear with his abusive words.

Divine Purpose from Indigo Angel Oracle Cards

You may think that there must be a reason for you choosing his class or that you’ve got to learn something from him. Then, you also likely have the following reasons for not giving you the permission to quit the class:

  • Let me try and see how it’ll go at least for a few months
  • His dance skill is great; I shouldn’t get bothered by his personality
  • I’ve already paid for ten classes and can’t abandon the tickets

But you’d better ask yourself whether this situation is more of a curse than a blessing! You could learn something in pulling you out of the situation; something like

  • Being honest about your feelings
  • Saying stop and no in an assertive way
  • Protecting your self-esteem (by respecting your feelings more than money)

That pitfall was created by the “You Must Suffer to Succeed” myth. I don’t say that you will never suffer in your soul’s lessons, however, they must relate you to love anyhow.

If you’re currently sacrificing your self-respect for something, calm down and see your situation objectively whether you’ve not fallen into this second pitfall or not.

Light and Love from Life Purpose Oracle Cards
《Light and Love》from Life Purpose Oracle Cards

Though I hope that you’ve not fallen into either of those two pitfalls, I’d recommend you to spare and think for a moment now if you really haven’t. If you have a doubt, read the reasons why those pitfalls were created – because knowing them helps you to review what is actually happening within you.

I’ve written this article because I don’t want you to waste time in those pitfalls—and now, if you just thought a split second ago that “everything happens for a reason, so there’s no such thing as wasted time,” be careful😉

If you’re not sure of how to take care of your spiritual needs, let me and your Guardian Angels help you; please check my Healing reading options!

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