How Can You Remember Your Magic? ~ Angel Card Reading

Through my services, I would like to help who needs yet to take back and connect with its own spiritual power, and wrote about it in a blog post back in 2016: “What You’ll Obtain From Healing Reading.”

I believe that we are all born with Divine power and, in a way, I daresay that it’s like we are all witches and wizards. Some of us may be good at using ones magic, but some may be oblivious to the fact that such power exists within oneself. And if you belong to the latter, I’m here to assist you in remembering your magic, and today, I’ll tell you what you can do yourself daily for it.

Work Your Magic from Saint-Germain of the Ascended Masters Oracle Cards
Sacred geometries embedded in you are the grids that receive life force, which is the source of your magic, from mother nature.

You must wish, at least once in your life, that you could use magic and clear up a mess just by swooping a wand, and dreamt that with magic your life would have been very different and less torturous when it is so.

So, imagine that, with your own magic taken back, living life will become as comfortable like that—that is amazing, isn’t it?

Living Life Becomes Comfortable with Magic

Your Divine power is the source of your magical abilities, and taking it back will indeed solve a lot of difficulties in your life. And expressing your individuality is the key to unlock the untapped power within you.

There’s nothing to add to you in revealing your individuality to the world; however, if anything unnecessary or unwanted, it is to be shaken off, and lightness should be felt in your heart while you are yourself.

If you want to become capable of the magic resided in you, lead a life, having an image of strengthening your individuality.

You Create This Situation, and You Have the Power to Change It from Archangel Michael
This message is for everyone reading this post!

And here’s what you can start with.

Don’t Do Things for No Reason

Stop doing things for no particular reason—such as watching television, buying or eating something, or seeing someone just because it’s easy or convenient, or you are used to doing it. Otherwise, you’ll expose yourself physically and mentally to what doesn’t mean anything to you, and without knowing to get influenced by it, eventually become it whether you wish or not.

So, pay attention to what you choose; choose what expresses your character. Be conscious of your behavior patterns. Try to do things that prove your intentions and preference, and diligently ask your heart for what you’re supposed to choose or do.

Express Your Individuality from the magical messages from the Fairies Oracle Cards

When you’re not sure of your choice, don’t make a decision; leave it. And look for what doesn’t resonate with you anymore instead, and get rid of it from your heart. Such cleaning exercise will make your peculiarities rise to the surface and remarkable.

Keep Your Magic Secret

Also, keep your magic (and practice toward it) secret—until you master it and feel confident enough of your capability and not to get swayed by others; it can be a solitary practice. You may only share it with your sincere well-wishers. Do not diminish the effect of your magic by getting influenced by opinion about you of someone who does not really care you.

Because it’s about your individuality, don’t be afraid of being complacent of the result of the practice. As long as it feels that you are becoming more real of you, and feeling lighter and freer than before, you’re on the right path.

Practice from the Life Purpose Oracle Cards
Practice from the Life Purpose Oracle Cards

Have you ever thought expressing yourself is rather your responsibility on Earth than a simple choice of yours? Considering your individuality is the magic that only you can perform, don’t you agree with me that your charms and spells are, perhaps, designed for and meant to be of service to others?

Once you get the knack of your own magic, you will no longer be afraid of others.

If you need some help in taking your Divine power, I’m happy to help you with Angels; please check my Healing reading options.

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P. S. I came to know that the Hurricane Dorian hit so hard on the Bahamas from one of my favourite Instagram accounts (Pumpkin The Racoon) and have sent my love and prayers to the beautiful islands I would like to visit someday. If you haven’t, please join me in sending love to there!

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