Two Things That Help You Release Fears

Today’s article is about how to release fears and become fearless.

A few years ago, I wrote this article: What you should know to realize your wish after I saw it happen to my clients that a lack of self-esteem led them to fear-based decisions, and which prevent them from achieving their goals.

This blog article is a sequel to it because, in the last few years, it has been appearing to me that being fearless means almost the same as being invincible in the act of manifestation. Once you can let go of all the fears, you won’t be afraid of anything literally. And, you’ll naturally attract positive outcomes as you wish; and that’s why today I’d like to share two ways of releasing fears and keeping them away.

Play Time! from the Magical Mermaids & Dolphins Oracle Cards
“Playing is a magical form of meditation.”

#1 Do Yoga or Stretch to Release Tension

To become fearless, you need to release not only the fears you have right now but also the ones you had in the past. Whenever you are frightened or nervous, the muscles of your body tighten up, and that makes you feel tense or stressed. Those emotions which made your body tighter in the past are perhaps still stored in your body; the body remembers experiences.

It’s not that the stiffness of your body is caused only by fearful experiences; but, it can be to some extent if you are often worried about something or regularly in fear of being judged or hurt, etc.

For releasing the tension from your body, use your breath as you stretch; for example, first inhale deeply, then bend your body forward as you exhale, and slowly and gently stretch the backside of your thighs; intend to let go of all the negative emotions that caused the tightness there during exhaling.

Stretch from Archangel Raphael Healing Oracle Cards

You may say in your head that “I am willing to release all the tensions and fears from my body” to emphasize your intention while stretching.

It has happened to me and may happen to you too that distressing memories emerge after or in the course of the stretch. When it does, please take it as a sign of its leaving your body, and don’t get distressed again. Try not to dwell on but let them pass, saying thank-you and good-bye to such old pains. If they bring tears, let them flow. You’ll actually feel better as shedding some tears helps you discharge repressed emotions.

And regular stretching prevents you from storing fresh fears in your body; I’d recommend you’ll make it part of your daily or weekly routine.

#2 Play and Have Fun!

When you’re engaged with something playful, your body will relax, and you’ll feel good. If the play involves physical activities, that’d be even better!

Playfulness from the Romance Angels Oracle Cards

Childlike playfulness naturally sets you free from fears. Playing sounds simple and easy, but it may be difficult if you’re not used to allowing yourself being silly and nonsense! You will feel profoundly relaxed only when you are genuinely playful.

Now, let me repeat this as it’s important: the body remembers experiences, and not only painful ones but also pleasant ones.

Once it experiences a good one, it will want and try to take it back when it’s gone. That’s the beauty of body wisdom. It is capable of telling you a lot of information—if you lend your ear.

Ask Your Body for a Message from Archangel Raphael Healing Oracle Cards

Interestingly, from the moment you’ve decided to become fearless and asked your Guardian Angels to help you for that, your energy begins to rise. They will bring you a situation in which you can challenge yourself to behave more brave, bold or less shy; you’ll then learn what your soul is supposed to learn and get closer to your destination.

I hope this article encourages you enough to decide to become fearless and invite what you want to your life✨

If you would rather be intimidated by this article, thinking about all the fears you have, you don’t need to face it all alone; let me help you with your Angels; please check my Healing reading options.

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