Five Dragons Who Cooperate with Archangels

Heaven’s resources are unlimited, and having more powerful angelic supporters by your side would be great. Then, why don’t we ask for more?

I had only Angel oracle cards until I encountered Dragon oracle cards. As you may know or not, Dragons are high-frequency beings and closely work with Angels. I didn’t know that but immediately understood that’s why my eyes were immediately drawn to them when I came across the cards.

Alpha Dragon from the Dragon Oracle Cards

I became a raving fan of them once I started working with them in early 2018. If you’re an animal lover, too, like me, I think you’d understand the excitement that playing with animals gives you. That same exciting feeling you will get with Dragons even though they are not physically present. It’s fun, joyful and healing✨

The deck consists of 44 cards, and today, let me introduce you to five mighty Dragons who work with Archangels.  

Deep Blue Dragon

Deep Blue Dragon from the Dragon Oracle Cards

Because of its name or colour, you may have guessed right about the Archangel with whom deep blue dragons work. Yes—it is Archangel Michael. If you ask, they will clear lower energies away from the path ahead of you or the venue you’re going to so that you’ll be safe and protected. Furthermore, thanks to their prior work, the Archangel can come to you closer. That is wonderful, don’t you think? 

Sunshine Yellow Dragon

Sunshine Yellow Dragon from the Dragon Oracle Cards

They bathe animals in their sunshine yellow light to soothe and heal them. It was lucky for me, and I’m grateful that I came to know about sunshine yellow dragons.

I live in a city full of stray dogs and cats (because the Indian government doesn’t kill them—unlike Japan, where still about a hundred strays get culled every day). And with the popularity of pets in recent years, the number of pet dogs has also increased. Sadly, most of them I see on the street have obesity and are not walking with their owners. Instead, servants or maids walk with them, but whom I see sometimes sitting at the side of the road and killing time with a dog sitting by. And although the temperature scarcely goes down below 20 degrees Celsius here even in the winter, you somehow find Siberian Huskies (!) on the street on a summer day. In short, such occasions that make animal lovers feel blue are many in this city.

I could do nothing but moaning about it until the day the sunshine yellow dragons entered my life. These days, whenever I come across an animal who seems in need of help, at least I can call and ask them to help it. They can reach out to the owner of animals too. It’s Archangel Fhelyai they work with, and not surprisingly, he wears the sunshine yellow colour.

There was an old stray dog in my neighbourhood to whom I used to give a bowl of milk on the way home from work. He was often asleep and once absolutely flabbergasted when I touched his ear (gently though) to wake him up. Since then, I stopped bothering him if he was sleeping. But one day, I hit on an idea (which I was sure was sent by Angels) and called the sunshine yellow dragons and asked one who’s come to me to wake up the dog gently only if he’s hungry. I then saw him awakening peacefully from a deep sleep. That repeated several times afterwards.

When you need support for rescuing, healing and helping animals, remember to call the sunshine yellow creatures!

Archangel Gabriel’s Dragon

Archangel Gabriel’s Dragon from the Dragon Oracle Cards

Fifth-dimensional dragons help us to raise our vibrations and to hold a fifth-dimensional frequency. The deep blue dragons, the sunshine yellow dragons and Archangel Gabriel’s dragons are all fifth-dimensional.

Archangel Gabriel’s diamond-white dragons help accelerate deep cleansing and purification to take place in your body. They make it easier for you to face your true nature and know about what to let go and whom you need to forgive, love and respect, including yourself.

If you want to make your spiritual growth happen faster and to get clarity about how to attain pure joy and happiness, ask them for their support.

Pure White Dragon from Orion

Pure White Dragon from Orion from the Dragon Oracle Cards

Orion is known as the planet of wisdom in the spiritual community. (And, the three stars, located at the belt of Orion, are known as “The Three Wise Men” in Puerto Rico!)

The color “pure white” symbolises purity, clarity and enlightenment and holds the vibration of truth. And the light of the pure white dragons from Orion can illuminate your impeccable honesty and intelligence.

Seventh-dimensional dragons work with the luminous devas, the angelic beings who work with the divine blueprint creation, and the dragons from Orion are one of them.

After you achieved some progress on the purification with the help of the Archangel Gabriel’s dragons, you’ll proceed with the dragons from Orion and discover how to use your knowledge and experience for the highest good.

If you want to advance your spiritual growth and contribute to global society as a lightworker, you’ll call them.

Alpha Dragon

Alpha Dragon from the Dragon Oracle Cards

“These incredible galactic dragons carry Archangel Metatron’s highest light. They helped to create the universe that we live in and continue to breathe the yang energy of manifestation into our world.” (From the guidebook of Dragon oracle cards by Dianna Cooper)

Alpha dragons carry creative forces and help materialise human’s ideas and thoughts. However, they only work for the highest good. That means, for example, only if the ideas are sprung from compassionate and kind hearts (not ego) and for better humanity, they do support.

You carefully watch your thoughts, and if you can keep up your intention as pure and thoughts as straight as possible, you’ll have those fabulous creatures on your side. They have the power of creation and destruction.


How did you find those five dragons? Do you feel their energy? If you haven’t yet tried to communicate with them, I’d strongly recommend it and hope you’ll enjoy it and get along with them well💗

Lastly, let me remind you that, to become friends with Dragons, it doesn’t require anything such as oracle cards or participation in spiritual courses. It’s exactly the same as the way we communicate with Angels; they are near us all the time, and all we need is to ASK.

If you’d like to get personal spiritual guidance from Heaven, please check the reading options and feel free to contact me for any enquiries.

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Angel blessings,

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