What Does the Emotional Healing Card Mean?

Today, I’d like to share one of my unforgettable spiritual experiences with you and believe this blog post will give you an idea about emotional healing.

Emotional Healing from the Magical Messages from the Fairies Oracle Cards

I believe past lives—a cycle of life and death and that experiences in former lives can influence this lifetime to some extent. And I’m going to write about my past-life regression that happened suddenly during my mediation practice about six years ago.

Before that, I had written a blog post about my understanding of why we did not remain as souls and became flesh and blood. And that’s because we are here to experience all sorts of feelings. Nevertheless, the sudden, intense past-life regression made me surely reconfirm the importance of fully experiencing feelings and emotions in your life.

Dream of a horse-riding scene from a TV cartoon program

Receiving the “Be Yourself” card with a unicorn and some other synchronicities related to horses had been happening when I dreamt a scene from an old TV cartoon program. I liked the program when I was small.

Be Yourself from the Magical Messages from the Fairies Oracle Cards
Be Yourself from the Magical Messages from the Fairies Oracle Cards

In that scene, an angry, handsome boy was fiercely riding a horse with the female main character, sitting behind him at a lakeside somewhere in Scotland during their summer school. She was shrieking and weeping at him to make it stop, but he didn’t listen, trying hard to make her forget about her ex-boyfriend, who died in a horse-riding accident.

The next day, I asked my higher self for the dream’s meaning. He told me that I loved horse riding in my previous life and learned how to do it from a person I loved. But I still wondered how does it affect my current life

Past Life from the Angel Dreams Oracle Cards
Past Life from the Angel Dreams Oracle Card

The unique experience started when I was in a meditation a few days later. Firstly, the idea that I liked riding a motorbike (in this life) because it’s like horse riding came to my mind. I had had a Kawasaki 250cc in Japan before moving into India, and strangely though, I just loved being on the bike even when it was not running. Secondly, I loved riding on a swing and the wind blowing on my face since three years old, and I realised that that too was a similar, imitative experience.

Knowing my former love of horse-riding thus much, I wondered why I wasn’t simply attracted to horses this lifetime. So, I asked my higher self again. And at that moment, a past-life regression began abruptly (while I was still in meditation).

Past-life regression 

A clean-cut, white mid-20s man with specs emerged. Given all the circumstances, he appeared to be my fiancé in my past life. It looked like we were holding an engagement lunch party at a big deck on a beautiful breezy afternoon.

And he took her left hand (mine in the past life) and kissed the ring on her ring finger. At the moment his lips touched it, his deep affection towards her spread over my body like a thunderbolt struck your body. I felt his tight, passionate embrace dominating my whole self.
But then, as if returning his feelings, deep sorrow and despair followed and filled me up. It was maddeningly painful. The sadness violently replaced the love energy occupying the body a second before, and I writhed and burst into tears.

Honor and Trust Your Feelings from the Archangel Michale Oracle Cards
Honor and Trust Your Feelings from the Archangel Michale Oracle Cards

I understood what had happened as I was crying. She lost her fiancé in a horse-riding accident. Wholly devastated, she closed her heart entirely and concealed her emotions for the rest of her life.

She didn’t accept the misery until that day—the day when his overwhelming love flooded into my body, and for the first time since she lost him, she could face and cry over it.

Influence of the vows made in the previous life

She had made two pledges that she should never be happy (without him) and that she would never ride a horse during her lifetime.

Vows from the Past Life Oracle Cards
Vows from the Past Life Oracle Cards

I always had a fear (in this lifetime) that I might lose that person whenever I fell in love with or became a close friend to someone. After learning the Law of Attraction, I tried to let go of such fears, but they just laid down at the bottom of my heart.

But, the experience that I went through his genuine affection and her deep sorrow and that I (and she) cried over it healed the old wound in my soul. We—she and I—could overcome it by facing it thoroughly. And those two vows that she made in the past life lost the effect; I don’t have that fear anymore.

There’s no right or wrong in feelings and emotions. And yet, we are often not honest to our own feelings. If you keep concealing them, you can’t live your life.

Admit Your True Feelings to Yourself from the Magical Messages from the Fairies Oracle Cards
Admit Your True Feelings to Yourself from the Magical Messages from the Fairies Oracle Cards

Since you’ve read this article till here, I hope you now understand the importance of fully experiencing your emotions. Your soul needs an outlet to express them. I’m not saying that you should display however you feel all the time; I’m asking you to at least try to accept your own feelings to yourself. Let me repeat that there are no right or wrong feelings, so you don’t need to feel guilty, fear or stupid in admitting your feelings. 

Let’s try to make our lives more colourful and fulfilling now.

If you’re afraid of going deeper into your inner world (like I was), I’m here to help; you are not alone! Please check my reading options and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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Angel blessings,

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