Are you looking for love? ~Angel card love readings

True Love ~ Romance Angels Oracle CardsAloha! Today I’d like to write about how I do a love and romance angel card reading. In my last blog post, I wrote a little about the Romance Angels Oracle Cards, and this time, I’d like to take this topic up again because love and relationships are, needless to say, a subject of universal interest.

Whether you’re in a relationship, looking for love, or simply want to know when an opportunity will come your way, I’ll communicate with your Guardian Angels and Romance Angels and obtain information you need right now via angel cards or my Clairs.

Angel cards are good at providing information you need right now; they give you insights into what the future looks like and also tell you how you can change the future.

Here’s an example of a spread on love and romance readings: Looking for Love (originally designed by Teresa Michelsen and modified by me)

Looking for love spread ~Healing Readings with Nalikolehua

Card 1: WHY you have not yet found your partner
Card 2: HOW you can overcome the obstacles expressed in the first card
Card 3: WHAT you can do to find your partner
Card 4: WHO would be the right person for you
Card 5: WHERE you will find your partner
Card 6: WHEN you will find your partner
Card 7: A message from any Spirit who wants to help you looking for love!

Often, personal issues affect your ability to establish loving relationships. This spread was designed to help you overcome the personal issues or blocks that need to be addressed.

To show you how the spread works, I pulled 7 cards here for people who are reading this blog post and also looking for love.

1. Why you have not yet found your partner — Unrequited LoveLooking for Love Spread ~Healing Readings with Nalikolehua

The card says that there’s not enough attraction or chemistry to keep the relationship going. You may have someone in mind, but the card says the person isn’t the right one for some reasons.

Sometimes, painful childhood experiences may draw you to unhealthy relationships—I wrote an episode of my client who has such a painful childhood experience: What does the Children card mean for you? It is about so-called Inner Child. If you’re interested, please have a read.

2. How you can overcome the obstacles expressed in the first card—Express Your Love
3. What you can do to find your partner—Flirt
4. Who would be the right person for you—True Love

Can you see a story here in these three cards? The story is that to find your true love, who is generous and compassionate, first, you’ve got to set yourself free and learn to flirt. Don’t take it the wrong way; flirting is playfulness in nature, and playfulness is the heart of romance✨. While flirting, you’ll practice expressing your feelings fearlessly, and that’s the lesson for establishing a new healthy relationship.

Engagement of the Romance Angels Oracle Cards
5. Where you will find your partner—Engagement
6. When you will find your partner—Keep an Open Mind

After you’ve learned the importance of and managed to express your love, you’ll meet your true partner where you can spend some quality time alone, just like how the couple does in the card image. Yet, since the opportunity may come in a way you don’t expect, you should stay open to the possibility of your partner in any form.

7. A message from any Spirit who wants to help you looking for love!—Six of Air (from Angel Tarot Cards)

The card signs that a new journey will now start, as you are awake to your unhealthy pattern and know how to overcome it. The wind of change is blowing.

Relationship Cross ~ Romance Angels Oracle CardsJust like the Looking for Love spread, here’s another spread for people who have just started a new relationship: Relationship Cross (designed by R. T. Allwin)

Card 1: Your position in the relationship—Trust
Card 2: Your partner’s position in the relationship—Flirt
Card 3: Basis for the relationship (the past)—Chemistry
Card 4: What lies between them right now (the present)—Stay Optimistic about Your Love Life
Card 5: The future of the relationship—Free Yourself

I pulled 5 cards for you having questions for your new relationship.

Looking at the 5 cards in the image, the result says that you trust your partner, but your partner may not be taking the relationship in the same way you do. Chemistry was certainly there at the beginning; you may stay optimistic about the relationship for now. But, you need to be careful not to feel smothered or trapped and should never lose control of your life to stay centered.

As you may know, card images deliver messages as well as card messages. When you do a reading by yourself, do not forget to pay attention closely to the images.
And, when a reading result suggests that you better change your course, I always tell you how you can do so practically; you’ll be empowered to change the future!

I hope you’ve got the idea how I do a reading for you. If you need personal guidance, let me and your angels to help you; please check my reading options here.

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I look forward to reading for you!


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