New Year Spiritual Messages By Star Sign – 2020

Happy new year! 2020 sounds like we’re living in the future, and it feels that a special year is coming our way✨ How about your opinion?

In the first blog post of every year, I share spiritual messages; this year, since I wanted to lose no time in sending a lot of love to you, I’ve picked up a single card from the Romance Angels oracle cards on the base of the star sign.

You Deserve Love from the Romance Angels Oracle Cards
You deserve love! No question about it.

The Romance Angels deck was particularly tailored for romantic relationship readings, but you can use it for general relationships or about how to bring more love in your life. That’s the beauty of oracle cards; the usages depend only on the reader’s intention!

So now, please enjoy your spiritual messages below; check your Sun Sign’s as well as Moon Sign’s!

Spiritual messages for the first half of 2020

Aries (21st Mar to 19th Apr) Calling In Your Soul Mate

Calling In Your Soul Mate from the Romance Angel Oracle Cards

Soul mates are the souls, which had decided before birth that they are to meet again for mutual spiritual growth in this lifetime. Calling in it means to find a person with whom you get better by learning from each other, and who helps raise your vibration. If you pray for it, you’ll likely find it in this period. Don’t escape into hollow relationships!

Taurus (20th Apr to 20th May) You Deserve Love

You Deserve Love from the Romance Angels Oracle Cards

Taureans are a bit humble by nature, but in this period, you actively seek the love you want because you deserve it! Believing it from the bottom of your heart is a lesson to take for you. “I deserve love” should be your mantra in the coming six months.

Gemini (21st May to 21st Jun) Passion

Passion from the Romance Angel Oracle Cards

Please do not give up delivering your passion because of the fear that your feelings may change later on (then regret what you did). They are genuine at that moment. Geminian, use your communication skills to convey it to the person you love.

Cancer (22nd Jun to 22nd July) Make the Effort

Make the Effort from the Romance Angel Oracle Cards

You need to take action proactively to gain the love you want! Your love-based efforts will move someone’s heart. Don’t think much, but take the steps that first come to mind (read the reason for that here)!

Leo (23rd July to 22nd Aug) Let Go of Control Issues

Let Go of Control Issues from the Romance Angel Oracle Cards

In this period, don’t try to control the situation, but allow it to unfold naturally because that’ll be the loving act you can do. Being passive is not a Leonian’s thing, but it is a form of love that you ought to learn.

Virgo (23rd Aug to 22nd Sep) Reconciliation

Reconciliation from the Romance Angel Oracle Cards

In this period, reconciliation with someone from your past is a key factor of love for Virgoans. You may run into such a person, but if someone came into your mind, dare to take action. Do not stick in the past; make a move💖

Libra (23rd Sep to 23rd Oct) Free Yourself

Free Yourself from the Romance Angel Oracle Cards

You seem to expect to see yourself or the other person behaving (or circumstance being) in specific ways. However, that is preventing you from experiencing true love. Try to find out the fixed idea that trapped you and release it from you!

Scorpio (24th Oct to 22nd Nov) Healing Family Issues

Healing Family Issues from the Romance Angel Oracle Cards

Family issues stand in your way of receiving and giving love. By facing and working on the issues, you will learn what you need to learn to receive or give love. It’s time to be patient and thrive!

Sagittarius (23rd Nov to 21st Dec) Paying Attention to the Red Flags

Pay Attention to the Red Flags from the Romance Angel Oracle Cards

Please be a bit cautious in this period—though Sagittarians are free-spirited. If you notice or feel something strange, don’t be lazy, but believe in your senses, take a moment, and consider to make a course correction. If you can’t make a judgment yourself, ask a trustworthy person for advice.

Capricorn (22nd Dec to 19th Jan) Forgiving and Learning

Forgiving and Learning from the Romance Angel Oracle Cards

The first half of the year will be a time of important learning for Capricornians. You will bring more love in your life by learning to forgive yourself and someone you need to forgive. It won’t be an easy but invaluable lesson and significantly influence your future.

Aquarius (20th Jan to 18th Feb) Keep an Open Mind

Keep an Open Mind from the Romance Angel Oracle Cards

To bring (more) love in your life, keep an open mind, and let go of fixed ideas. Aquarians are inventive and free-minded, but how about your likes and dislikes? Provide ranges, said Romance Angels. Romance awaits where you don’t expect!

Pisces (19th Feb to 20th Mar) Love Yourself First

Love Yourself First from the Romance Angel Oracle Cards

In this period, before anyone else, take care of yourself and listen to your heart. Don’t push yourself hard, keep calm, and follow your inner voice, and which will lead you to your true self and make you attractive!


How about the messages from the Romance Angels? I wish you have another great year with receiving and giving more love✨

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