Two Archangels Who Bring Harmony in Your Relationships

Today, I’d like to introduce two Archangels: Archangel Raguel and Archangel Azrael to you. Archangels are like managers of our Guardian Angels but available for us as well. We can directly approach and ask them to guide us.

The reason I chose those two Archangels is their specialties in relationships. If you’re looking for solutions because you suffer in a relationship and would like to mend or change it, knowing them would certainly benefit you✨

Counselor from Archangel Azrael of Archangel Oracle Cards

Archangel Raguel

Archangel Raguel is watching over Archangels and Angels, ensuring order, cooperation and harmony among them all. And therefore, the Archangel can find a way for us as well to improve a situation or solve a problem, assuring fairness to everyone involved. It sounds miraculous, but that’s what he’s capable of. 

Relationship Harmony from Archangel Raguel of Archangels Oracle Cards

Here’s a short episode where I asked Archangel Raguel for his help. 

One day my colleague got mistakenly offended by my words. But since it was such a small talk and anyway his misunderstanding, I didn’t take it seriously and do anything. However, since that day, he started avoiding me, and I found myself in an awkward position. Archangel Raguel then came into my mind when I started feeling a little bit heaviness around us. I asked the Archangel what I should do. He then replied that “Nothing. Just give him some more time. You will wait.” I understood and told him that “I won’t do anything but wait; please mend it so that we can talk just as before.”

Only two days later that day, that colleague became just as friendly as before; he didn’t say anything to me, but the heaviness was gone. I should’ve remembered Archangel Raguel earlier, I thought.

Justice from Archangel Raguel of Angel Tarot Cards

My above case was only a little awkward situation he mended, but he can solve major ones as well. Please actively seek his advice and follow it. It may take time but keep your faith in him.

Archangel Raguel also helps sort out your feelings about relationships.

For example, though you are not happy with your partner, you don’t know what’s making you hurt. Is that your partner not caring for you as before? Or is that because your partner doesn’t acknowledge your love anymore? You know you don’t want to get divorced, but the current situation is insufferable. Yet, you don’t know where to start—

Call Archangel Raguel if you’re in such a situation.

Divine Order from Archangel Raguel of Archangels Oracle Cards

And meditation is an effective way of communicating with angels; take a couple of deep breaths, calm yourself down and close your eyes.

Then, talk to him, for example— “Archangel Raguel, please help me acknowledge and accept my true feelings. Please guide me so that I will follow my heart.” 

After that, quiet your mind and listen. You may get the answer as soon as it became silent, or it may take some time. But remember—you may just notice your true feelings (it’s called Clairsentience) rather than hearing it.

Clairsentience from Archangel Raguel of Archangels Oracle Cards

Archangel Azrael

Archangel Azrael helps those who reach out to help others, such as counselors, caretakers, or teachers, and especially when you try to comfort someone lost in grief. He guides your words and actions and helps you remain compassionate while taking care of others.

Comfort from Archangel Azrael of Archangels Oracle Cards

He also delivers messages from and to Heaven for you. If you had had a relationship problem with someone that you couldn’t resolve before that person passed away and still regret it, you ask both Archangel Raguel and Azrael to guide you.

And remember Archangel Azrael when you’re filled with deep sorrow and pain at the death of someone you love and don’t know how to free yourself of it—because Azrael’s primary role is to help people cross over to Heaven and make the experience uplifting and comforting; he’s such an ultimate healer. He’ll be with you and let you know how you can move on in your life.

Hello from Heaven from Archangel Azrael of Archangels Oracle Cards


I hope this article has clarified for you when you wish to invite those two Archangels into your life.

And, when you cannot recognise Angels’ voice, it’s probably because your ego’s voice is louder than Angels’. Please read this blog post: Three Points to Remember to Identity the Voice of Angels, not Egos, then give it a try again. Even if you can’t hear their voice, please remember that they are listening to you all the time; you can still talk to them.

If you’re suffering in a relationship, you’re not alone; let me help you with your Angels. Please check the reading options and feel free to contact me for any enquiries.

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